Without your help, they’re history—help meet Birmingham theatres’ goal of $500,000

Alabama Theatre 17 Without your help, they're history—help meet Birmingham theatres' goal of $500,000
We can’t wait to be back here again, but until times are safe again, it’s up to us to help save Birmingham’s theatres. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

We consume art every day, but yet it’s often what suffers most when times falter. Don’t let this be the last curtain call for the Alabama and Lyric Theatres—donate today so we can have encores for decades to come.

More than a century of magic

Here is the truth, without these theatres Birmingham would be Bore-ingham. Not only do they provide utility for education and events like school field trips, proms graduations and worship services, but they also give our city a unique edge by featuring stellar performances from world-renowned acts.

We’ve touched on the history of the theatres and why they matter to us, but we know everyone has had a memorable experience sitting in their seats. That’s why reaching their goal on this GoFundMe is SO necessary.

Let’s look at the facts

  • Since March 18, COVID-19 has required the theatres to cancel or postpone more than 90 events.
  • The Alabama and Lyric Theatres earn 90% of their operating budget by hosting events.
  • By the end of this year, they will have lost more than $2 million in revenue.

Why can’t they just wait for the pandemic to pass?

Remember when we thought a couple of weeks would go by and we’d all be back at work again and taking that cruise to Mexico.? Yeah, this pandemic probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Unfortunately, these theaters don’t have the option to ride the wave and coast along until things are peachy again.

Since both theaters are delicate historic structures they require constant care and maintenance. Anyone who lives in a historic apartment or house around the area understands the work it takes to upkeep just that small space. Now imagine trying to preserve entire theaters.

If they stop heating and cooling the building the plaster will crack, the paint will peel and the velvet curtain will mildew. A period of neglect already happened to the Lyric and it can’t happen again. Whether doors are open or not, the team has to continue the maintenance of both theatres.

Ok, so just host small socially distant events? Isn’t that what everyone else is doing?

Aside from the health concerns this would pose on staff and patrons alike, restrictions on large events make it impossible for the shows to actually put any change in their pockets. So, we’re left with cold seats and an empty stage—unless we save it.

Will you be able to say you helped save these historic landmarks? Will you make is possible for people all over the world to enjoy the brilliance brought into these theatres? Donate today.

Irene Richardson
Irene Richardson
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