5 super-tasty twists to PB&J in Birmingham

Who else wants to smash those pieces of bread together? Photo by Freddy G via Unsplash

Peanut butter and jelly—two things destined for each other. If you’re a fan of this lunchtime classic, check out these Birmingham restaurants that have taken PB&J to a whole new level of awesome.

1. Frutta Bowls

Birmingham, Frutta Bowl, PB&J Bowl, PB&J
Nothing beats a dollop of PB. Photo via Frutta Bowls’ Facebook page

Love PB&J but wish it was healthier? Then consider the PB&J Bowl from Frutta Bowls. 

Featuring organic acai, banana, granola, blueberries and peanut butter, this menu item is rich in antioxidants and taste. You can add extras, too, like Nutella and chia seeds. 

Address: 420 20th St N, Suite 100A, Birmingham, Alabama 35203 | 225 Summit Blvd #100, Birmingham, AL 35243
Contact: Downtown – 205-202-6593 | The Summit – 205.969.5733
Hours: Downtown – Monday-Friday, 7AM-3PM | The Summit – Monday-Saturday, 10AM-8PM | Sunday, 10:30AM-7PM
Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint

Birmingham, Jack Brown's Beer & Burger's, PBJ, PB&J, pb&j burger
PB&J comes in all forms. Photo via Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger’s Facebook page

Is that burger tasting blah? Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint will get those tastebuds popping with their peanut butter and jalapeño jelly available on any burger of your choice.

You can also add jalapeño jelly to the Elvis burger which features cheddar/American cheese, mayo, bacon and peanut butter or add peanut butter to the Cobra Kai burger which includes cream cheese, jalapeño jelly and pickled jalapeños.

Address: 2811 7th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233
Hours: Daily, 11AM-Midnight
Contact: 205.203.4512
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint isn’t the only place that offers burgers with PB&J. Others include:

3. Roots & Revelry

Birmingham, Roots & Revelry, PBJ, PB&J
PB is for pork belly. Photo via Roots & Revelry’s Facebook page

If you love Roots & Revelry, then you’ll be happy to know they serve PB&J. But before you start craving Skippy peanut butter and Smucker’s grape jelly, this menu item is anything but. It’s actually a gourmet dish featuring pork belly on toast with almond butter and quince jelly.

According to rave reviews on social media, when you order the PB&J at Roots & Revelry, you’re in for something truly amazing.

Address: 1623 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 4-10PM | Friday-Saturday, 11AM-10PM | Sunday, 10AM-3PM
Contact: 205.730.1907
Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. The Alabama Biscuit Company

Birmingham, Alabama Biscuit Company, PB&J, peanut butter and jelly
The messier the better. Photo via The Alabama Biscuit Company’s Facebook page

Say hello to your new favorite concoction—the almond butter and jelly biscuit at The Alabama Biscuit Company. This PB&J twist is creamy, messy and heavenly—the three “e’s” of goodness.

Bonus: you can purchase eight ounces of The Alabama Biscuit Company’s house-made jelly for $15 so you can use it on your own peanut butter and jelly creations at home.

Address: 4133 White Oak Dr, Birmingham, AL 35243
Hours: Monday-Saturday, 7AM-2PM | Sunday, 8AM-2PM
Contact: 205.286.2353
Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. TrimTab Brewing Company

Birmingham, TrimTab Brewing Co, pb&j, beer
Will the PB&J remix come back? We can only hope. Photo via TrimTab Brewing Company’s Facebook page

PB&J isn’t only something to chew, it’s also something to drink—at TrimTab Brewing Company at least.

One swig of their PB&J Remix and you’re sure to sing peanut butter jelly time. This small batch brew is a sour ale with peanut butter, banana, boysenberry, strawberry, white chocolate and marshmallow.

The last time they offered it was in August 2020, but you never know, they may bring this small-batch favorite back.

Address: 2721 5th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233
Hours: Daily, Noon-10PM
Contact: 205.374.8749
Website | Facebook | Instagram

PB&J Event

Birmingham, Carrigan's Public House, PB&J event, PB&J
Carrigan’s Public House has the best vibe at night. Photo via Carrigan’s Public House’s Facebook page

Mark your calendar for Monday, September 21 from 5-9PM. Carrigan’s Public House is hosting PB&J Night. The Monday night special will be The PB&J: a slice of pizza, beer and a shot of Jameson. Get it? Pizza, beer and Jameson—PB&J. Clever, no?

Address: Carrigan’s Public House, 2430 Morris Ave, Birmingham, AL 35203
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 11AM-11:30PM | Friday, 11AM-12:30AM | Sunday, 11AM-Midnight
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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