7 local startups address 2020’s challenges at Reignite Alabama on August 27


Reignite Alabama
Reignite Alabama premieres August 27th at 4:30PM. Graphic via Alabama Launchpad

Reignite Alabama, the 3rd Alabama Launchpad competition of 2020, aims to specifically address the new challenges posed by COVID-19 that affect both Alabama and the country. We took a closer look at 7 of the 14 participating startups that will be competing for a portion of $75K in funding at Reignite Alabama.

Reignite Alabama Premieres August 27

Reignite Alabama
Alabama Launchpad judges separated with a plexiglass shield for COVID-19 safety protocols at the previous Alabama Launchpad Virtual Finale. Photo via Alabama Launchpad

This quarter, Alabama Launchpad—a program of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama—is doing things a bit differently. In the wake of the challenges presented by COVID-19, contestants in Reignite Alabama will compete in four unique categories:

  • Lifestyle
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Industry

On August 27, 14 finalists will be competing for a combined total of $150,000 in funding divided between the four sectors—which means each company is vying for $37,500 in prize money! We took a look at seven finalists competing in the Lifestyle and Industry sectors to learn more about their company’s vision and how the prize money could propel them to the next level.


Motion Mobs

Image of UAB contact tracking app on a phone
MotionMobs makes it easy to let people know if they have been in close contact with someone who reports positive for COVID-19. Photo via MotionMobs

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Birmingham-based data-driven software company MotionMobs has partnered with the Alabama Department of Public Health and UAB to create a contact tracing app designed to let people know if they have been in close contact with someone who later reports positive for COVID-19. 

Early this month, the developers launched GuideSafe, the app and multi-tool platform to help test college students in Alabama for COVID-19. After a pilot phase at Alabama colleges, GuideSafe was launched and made available to the public.

Learn more about GuideSafe on their website and be sure to download the app on iOS or Android.


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Graphic via Quick

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Paper catalogs. You know, those things you flip through while waiting at the dentist’s office or on a plane? Have you ever seen an intriguing item in those catalogs, but didn’t know where to buy it?

Enter Quicat. Similarly to QR-Code readers, Quicat allows you to take a photo of an item in a catalog and immediately directs you to the appropriate website.

“[We are] dedicated to helping Catalog companies increase sales and capture lost sales by providing their customers an easy, high quality and immediate shopping experience.”



Screen Shot 2020 08 24 at 1.59.33 PM 7 local startups address 2020's challenges at Reignite Alabama on August 27
StrategyPoint helps entrepreneurs develop goals and follow through. Photo via StrategyPoint

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Founded in 2019 by two Birmingham natives, StrategyPoint is strategy management software for entrepreneurs. StrategyPoint’s strategic plan view helps entrepreneurs build a plan for their organization that can help grow the buisness to a large enterprise.

The software has a scorecard view, cascading from each employee to the company as a whole. Each scorecard contains objectives and key initiatives, so that each team member can visualize the work they’re doing to achieve success and see how that success impacts the company’s long-term goals.

“Essentially, we want to become the TurboTax of strategy management software. Funds from Reignite Alabama can really expedite the company’s growth and help us scale up marketing, and at this point, we want to step on the gas so we can be the next Shipt for Birmingham.”

John Peinhardt, StrategyPoint


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Through GIVISIT, participants can experience a one-in-a-lifetime trip while supporting a local charity. Photo via Trips4Trade on Facebook

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Annual events and fundraisers are one of the most impactful ways that charities and non-profits can raise money. But in the era of COVID-19, hosting events in person is nearly impossible. Trips4Trade is hoping to help non-profits make up that lost income with their new donation-based platform, GIVIST.

It works like this: Do you own a beach property, lakehouse, ski lodge or a similar outdoor getaway? With GIVIST, you can donate a trip—a couple of days, a week or longer—to a charity of your choosing. Then GIVIST would list that trip for sale on their platform and once it gets booked, the proceeds will go to the preferred charity. It’s a win-win-win—the owner gets a tax write-off, the charity receives funding and the buyer gets to experience a wonderful trip.

“At Trips4Trade, we were already working on the GIVIST platform when we received the email from Reignite Alabama challenging entrepreneurs to find creative solutions during this time. So, we knew we had to apply. We are very passionate about several non-profits we currently support, and through GIVIST, we believe our tech can provide a meaningful impact to non-profit organizations everywhere.”

Slade Johnston, Trips4Trade


Neon Lilly

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Neon Lilly’s sauces, based on Eurasian meals, aim to complement each dish—not cover it up. Photo via Neon Lilly on Facebook

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Seven years ago, Liliya and Terry Taylor helped introduce Alabama to the delicacy of Eurasian cuisine with their food truck, Neon Lilly. Since then, they have gone on to open their own restaurant in Madison, AL.

With the difficulties posed by COVID-19, Liliya and Terry decided to branch out, developing, packaging and selling their signature sauces. Liliya, who is originally from Kazakhstan, has taken the lead on the new sauces—aiming to develop flavors that complement each bite, not just cover it up.

“In Reignite Alabama, I’m most excited for the learning experience. We hope to redefine food here in Alabama, and we’ve found that Eurasian-American fusion is a huge market.”

Liliya Taylor, Neon Lilly


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Have you ever had trouble finding clothes that fit? If so, you’re not the only one. No two people’s bodies are exactly the same, yet there are only a handful of sizes available. But it wasn’t always like this—back in the days before industrialization, most people’s clothes were custom-made by tailors to fit their body.

Seamly, a free open-source clothing pattern software, was developed by Susan Spencer to give individuals the ability to once again design + create their own fashion. And the best part? It’s incredibly simple and easy to use.

“One of our users is a tailor in Sicily, making fine Italian men’s suits. Using our software, he was able to save his multi-generational family business by serving customers around the globe. With Seamly, his clients can input their measurements without having to travel all the way to Sicily.”

Susan Spencer, Seamly


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Imagine never worrying if your license plate is out of date. Photo via Vizrom on Facebook

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “I can’t wait to stand in line at the DMV to renew my license plate?” Yeah, me neither. That’s why Vizrom is developing a smart, electronic license plate to automatically renew your plates.

In addition to the benefit of of automatically updating license plates, Vizrom offers several advantages, such as Stolen Vehicle Alert and 128 bit data encryption.

Tune in to Reignite Alabama on August 27

Reignite Alabama
A finalist pitching his idea to visitors and judges at the Alabama Launchpad Cycle 1 event in Montgomery on February 28th, 2020 (before social distancing). Photo via Alabama Launchpad

While we can’t show up in person, it’s easier now more than ever to see these Alabama entrepreneurs take to the stage. Tune in to the Reignite Alabama Finale competition to help support these innovative ideas.

You can catch the livestream on Alabama Launchpad’s website and Facebook page starting at 4:30PM on August 27!

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