9 spots for a delicious curry dish in Birmingham including Taj India

Birmingham, Sitar Indian Cuisine, curry, Indian food
Mouth-watering goodness. Photo via Sitar Indian Cuisine’s Facebook page

Savory and sweet. Unique and earthy. Whether you love it mild or packing a serious punch, here are nine spots around Birmingham to get a curry dish that will tantalize your taste buds.

1. Abhi Eatery & Bar

Birmingham, Abhi Sushi Restaurant, curry
Katmandu. Photo via Abhi Sushi Restaurant’s Facebook page

Owned and operated by Nepalese Chef Abhi Sainju, this eatery and bar offers modern twists on Asian fare. For a delicious curry, consider these options:

  • Coconut Curry Soup: Price – $5
  • Balinese beef rendang: curry of all curries, over premium jasmine rice. Price – $16
  • Curry with Tofu: Thai yellow curry, cilantro + carrots over premium jasmine rice. Price – $10

According to Chef Abhi Sainju, the most popular curry dish is the Nepalese Lamb Curry ($18) made with authentic slow-cooked lamb served over premium jasmine rice.

Address: 300 Summit Blvd, Ste 104, Birmingham, AL 35243
Website | Instagram

2. Bay Leaf Modern Indian Cuisine

Birmingham, Bay Leaf Modern Indian Cuisine & Bar
Don’t you love a meal that’s tasty AND eye-pleasing? Photo via Bay Leaf Modern Indian Cuisine & Bar’s Facebook page

With an ingredient-driven focus and a menu that’s simple and pure in flavor, Bay Leaf is a win with locals. More on Bay Leaf here.

Dishes include traditional Indian favorites like tikka masalas and biriyarus, but there are also some modern takes on a number of Indian delicacies. For sweet and spicy curry-rich meals, try these:

  • Tikki Masala: Rich + creamy tomato-based sauce with selected earthy spices.
  • Kadhai: sweet + spicy curry with slow-cooked onions, peppers + select spices.
  • Vindaloo: slow-braised spicy goan curry made of potatoes, chili + vinegar sauce.

Address: 1024 20th St S, Ste 101, Birmingham, AL 35205 | 5426 Hwy 280, Ste 14, Birmingham, AL 35242
Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Nori Thai & Sushi Restaurant

Birmingham, NORI Thai and Sushi Birmingham, curry
Thai Red Curry. Photo via NORI Thai and Sushi Birmingham’s Facebook page

Classic meets modern at Nori Thai and Sushi Restaurant. While each menu item offers its own unique flair, there is one thing they all have in common—fresh, high-quality ingredients.

If you’re feeling that bold curry taste, here are two dishes to consider:

  • Pot Sticker With Panang Curry: Delicate vegetable snd pork dumpling served with parang sauce. Price – $6.50
  • Roasted Duck With Red Curry: Roasted duck sautéed with pineapple, fresh tomatoes, bell peppers in spicy red curry sauce. Price – $16.99

Address: 4704 Cahaba River Rd, Birmingham, AL 35243
Website | Facebook

4. Saigon Noodle House

Birmingham, Saigon Noodle House
Photo via Saigon Noodle House’s Facebook page

For authentic Vietnamese dishes in Birmingham, there’s just one place to go—Saignon Noodle House. Using fresh ingredients and recipes originated from Vietnam, the menu offers everything from Pho noodle soups to Banh Mi sandwiches.

Dig Asian soups? Then this list is for you:

  • Bun Laksa Tom: Noodles in coconut curry soup with tofu + Shrimp. Price – $11
  • Bun Laksa Rau: Noodles in coconut curry soup with tofu + broccoli mixture. Price – $11
  • Bun Ga Xao Gung, Cari, Hoc, Xa, Ot: noodles with stir-fry chicken, onions in ginger sauce, curry sauce, or spicy lemon grass sauce. Price – $10

Address: 4606 Hwy 280, Ste 108, Birmingham, AL 35242
Website | Facebook

5. Silver Coin Indian Grill

Birmingham, Silver Coin Indian Grill, curry
Chicken Tikka Masala. Photo via Silver Coin Indian Grill’s Facebook page

For wholesome food that will make you say mmm, Silver Coin Indian Grill will take you on a tantalizing aromatic adventure. Along with their chicken tikka masala, check out this dish:

  • Chicken 65: boneless chicken marinated with fresh ginger and spices, deep fried, garnished with fried curry leaves. Price – $8.99

Address: 3321 Lorna Rd, Birmingham, AL 35216
Website | Facebook | Instagram

6. Sitar Indian Cuisine

Birmingham, Sitar Indian Cuisine, Indian food, curry
Chicken 65. Photo via Sitar Indian Cuisine’s Facebook page

Sitar Indian Cuisine has been serving locals authentic Asian cuisine since 2010. Located in Birmingham’s south side, it’s a prime spot for its dwellers and UAB students to satisfy their curry cravings. Here’s what’s on the menu:

  • Chicken Curry: Chicken cooked in a light gravy, mild (curry). Price – $10.95
  • Chicken Tikka Masala: Pieces of chicken tikka cooked in a creamy sauce with fresh tomatoes and exotic spices. Price – $12.95
  • Lamb Curry/Lamb Vindaloo: Spicy lamb cooked in an onion sauce or sharp, tangy sauce. Price – $14.95
  • Seafood Vindaloo or Curry: Jumbo shrimp, scallop and fish cooked with potatoes in a highly spiced, tangy hot sauce. Price – $14.95

Address: 1801 4th Ave S, Ste 115, Birmingham, AL 35233
Website | Facebook

7. Surin West

Birmingham, Surin West, curry
Photo via Surin West’s Facebook page

Surin West is one of my favorite Thai restaurants in Birmingham. And, while I tend to opt for my usual order of chicken pad Thai and spring rolls, the curry dishes are worth checking out. There are tons to try, so consider these:

  • Chicken Noodle Bowl: Grilled marinated chicken breast, rice noodles, and ginger in a peanu􏰁y lemon curry sauce, with onions, bean sprouts and crisp romaine le􏰁uce. Price – $9.50
  • Masaman Chicken: boneless chicken breast sautéed in a Thai masaman curry with avocados + cashew nuts. Price – $17
  • Roasted Duck with Red Curry: roasted duck de-boned then marinated overnight in a red curry sauce, blended with kaffir leaf, basil, pineapple, red bell peppers + fresh tomato. Price – $21
  • Shrimp Curry: Hot green Thai curry sauce made with red & green bell peppers, green beans, basil leaves, napa cabbage, & zucchini. Price – $17
  • Spicy Eggplant Noodle: Japanese eggplant, spicy curry sauce, tender chicken fillets, bell peppers, fresh mushrooms + spaghetti􏰂 pasta noodles. Price – $9.50

Address: 1918 11th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205 | 16 Perimeter Park S,
Birmingham, AL 35243
Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Thai Basil + Sushi

Birmingham, Thai Basil and Sushi, curry
Masaman. Photo via Thai Basil and Sushi’s Facebook page

Want a filling meal that will wow you? Then put Thai Basil + Sushi on your must-try list. Serving only the freshest and finest ingredients, this tiny dining spot perfectly combines Thai and Japanese cuisine. These four dishes are sure to entice you:

  • Masaman: Masaman curry sauce, chicken breast, avocado + cashew nuts. Price – $11.95
  • Panang: Panang curry sauce, chicken breast, bell peppers + Thai basil. Price – $11.95
  • Steamed Pot Stickers: Panang curry sauce, pork, vegetable + rice dumpling. Price – $5.95
  • Pineapple Fried Rice Shrimp + Chicken: Yellow curry powder sauce, shrimp, chicken, bell pepper, onion, tomatoes, pineapple, raisins + cashew nuts. Price – $12.95

Address: 445 Main Street, Trussville, AL 35173
Website | Facebook

9. Taj India

Birmingham, Taj India, curry
Lunch Thalis. Photo via Taj India’s Facebook page

Having been a popular spot to dine since the mid-80s, Taj India is commonly one of the top restaurants suggested in Birmingham for its exotic curry dishes.

Whether dining in or grabbing food to go, Taj India offers a unique experience of gourmet eating that caters to contemporary palates.

Their menu is full of hot and spicy curries to choose from, too—each served with Basmati rice.

Top choices:

  • Ghost Krara: semi-dry lamb curry with onions, tomatoes, cilantro + a special blend of spicy + hot fresh roasted ground spices. Price$12.95
  • Chicken Madra: Very spicy chili chicken dish made with crushed red chilies + hot mustard seeds. Price – $11.95
  • Chicken or Lamb Vindaloo: Chicken or lamb cooked with cubed, boiled potatoes, onions + a blend of hot spices garnished with jalapeño. Price – $11.95

Address: 2226 Highland Ave, Birmingham, AL 35205
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Local Spice Shops

Birmingham, curry, spices
Glorious spices. Photo by Jason Leung via Unsplash

Going out to eat isn’t the only way you can get your curry fix around Birmingham. You can also venture to local spice shops and create your own meal at home. Here are some to check out:

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