TikTok, drive-up job fairs + new developments in the Birmingham biz world

Happy Tuesday, Birmingham! Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

Will TikTok get banned? Can I live in the same building I work in and not have it be weird? Will you rock that interview? Find out in this edition of the Tuesday Newsletter brought to you by the 150th day of March.

Hot Jobs 

Experienced Remodeling Carpenter @ Irwin Brothers Remodeling Inc. Apply

FUSE Executive Fellow @ FUSE Corps. Apply

RN and LPN @ Wexford Health Sources Inc. Apply

Senior Lash Artist @ Eye Lash & Beauty Spa. Apply

Platform Specialist @ SIMON Markets LLC.Apply

All Positions @ Half Shell Oyster House. Apply. 

Youth Development AmeriCorps Members @ YWCA. Apply. 

Pell City Shelter AmeriCorps Members @ YWCA. Apply. 

Homelessness Prevention AmeriCorps Members @ YWCA. Apply. 

Family Resource Center AmeriCorps Members @ YWCA. Apply. 

Educational Support AmeriCorps Members @ YWCA. Apply. 

After School Enrichment Program Specialists @ YWCA. Apply. 

Domestic Violence Support Americorps Members. Apply. 

DMC Center for Civic Life @ YWCA. Apply. 

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Tax Accountant @ EBSCO Industries. Apply. 

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What’s pulling rank in the business world?


Call us the angel on your Christmas tree 

Because we’re on top. Birmingham was ranked #1 for the best mid-sized business climate by Business Facilities Magazine and we think that’s a full-sized amount of awesome. The report took a look at hot topics in economic development such as startup ecosystems, job growth and cost of living.

Bop It, Twist It, Pull It, Mix It 

We put innovation on our shopping list and Birmingham went to Costco and got a big variety pack of mixed-used projects. Similar to Queen, new developments want it all—buildings converted into a one-stop spot to live, work, shop and play are hotter than August temps. These projects are multiplying like gremlins across the city, including in Forest Park, Downtown and Lakeview. 

Monkey see, monkey do 

It’s an app eat app world out there and we’ll have to see if TikTok can renegade, renegade out of this one. On the heels of the proposed ban of TikTok, Snapchat announced it will begin testing a new feature that lets Snapchat users set their Snaps to music—hmm…sounds familiar. Don’t take the skill off your resume just yet, though. Birmingham companies (and residents) are seeing value in the app.

Live, laugh, local 

Have we made it clear how much we love small Birmingham business? Probably not with our thousands of guides, shout outs and overall obsession with the little guys that make Birmingham so big. It’s why Bham Now put together a database featuring over 700 small businesses and nonprofits. Sign up your local biz or nonprofit today so we can dote all over you too. 

Bring on the business events

Photo by Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now.

Drive-Up Hiring Day at Express Bham South
Date: Tuesday, August 4
Time: 9AM-2PM
Price: Free

Put it in park and accelerate your career. Apply for jobs from the comfort of your car during The Drive-Up Hiring Day. All you have to do is interview with an Express Recruiter and fill out hiring paperwork—without ever leaving your vehicle! It’s like going through a drive-thru, but with none of the calories.

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TikTok, drive-up job fairs + new developments in the Birmingham biz world

Navigating the New Normal
Date: Tuesday, August 4
Time: 12-1PM
Price: Free

How Apple Protects Your Privacy Webinar
Date: Tuesday, August 4
Time: 3-4:00PM
Price: $20

Virtual Breakfast Club
Date: Thursday, August 6
Time: 8-9AM
Price: Free

Business Credit Basics
Date: Thursday, August 6
Time: 10-11AM
Price: Free

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