7 takeaways from 1,671 responses to Bham Now’s July 2020 survey

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This article is basically a humble brag on Birmingham. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

The survey results are in. Bham Now asked y’all for your feedback and we’re ecstatic to see what 1,671 of you had to say. Here’s what we learned.

 Survey Tactics

What we did: In June, we asked for your help to help us keep things fresh, hip and upbeat here at Bham Now. In less than the time it takes to scroll through your Instagram feed, 1,671 of you gave us feedback.

As a Thank you: Survey takers were automatically entered to win some fire prizes worth $500. Check the winners below and please support these fine, local companies who donated prizes.

Congrats to:

Here’s What We Learned

Birmingham, city
Birmingham, AL. Our future is bright. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Y’all are SMART.

72% of you have a Bachelor’s degree or higher compared to 30% of the Birmingham-Hoover MSA census.


Is that a jingle I hear in your pocket? 68% of survey respondents report at least $50k in household income with almost 30% cashing in at the $100K household income or more.

Home Owner? Renter? – YES!

49% of survey takers own their own home while the other half of us aren’t ready to take that step just yet.

Over the next 6 months, you’re going to be buying stuff.

Being stuck in one’s home for months will certainly increase one’s desire for new surroundings or to grow new brain cells, as you’ve told us. Most of you guys are looking to do one of the following:

  1. Buy Home Furnishings
  2. Remodel/Do Home Improvement
  3. Take Training/Educational Classes

You’re restless and ready to travel.

Travel is on a lot of people’s minds right now. The tricky part is how to do it safely. Photo by Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now.

85% of Bham Now’s audience were ready to hit the road to travel. That’s 54% higher than the national average.

When compared to independent national studies, our audience is a perfect reflection of what many people are wanting to do—road tripping. Air travel, not so much. Popular destinations include:

  • The Gulf/Beaches
  • Mountains
  • Other Drivable Southeast Locations

You love local. COVID-19 has increased your desire to support local even more…

Birmingham, Rodney Scotts BBQ
Who are your fave local businesses you’re showing support to right now? Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Supporting local businesses is kind of our thing here at Bham Now. So when we learned that the pandemic has shifted your desire to support more local spots, we were elated. You can also ping our directory of 717 local businesses, restaurants and non-profits offering deals, curbside delivery and more.

If you’re a local business owner, go ahead and add your info for free. We’d love to have you.

…and so have our stories + content on Bham Now

The support for Birmingham biz goes beyond the pandemic’s influence on your shopping habits. 85% of survey takers are more inclined to support a business or product if they see it mentioned in one of our stories. Mission accomplished!

Y’all want more of certain topics, including local deals. We’re here to deliver.

Supporting local? Yeah, we know a little thing or two about that. Photo by Nathan Watson for Bham Now

We’re here to serve you what’s fresh, modern and trending in Birmingham. So we’re taking your input seriously. Whether it’s local deals, business openings or arts and culture, you can find it here.

Ya’ll are big, collectively. 45% of Greater Birmingham is tapping into Bham Now.

With over 313K unique website visitors per month and 153K social followers, about 45% of the Greater Birmingham area are ‘Nowers’.

We’re not going to lie. Our Instagram is piping hot but so are our other Bham Now channels. We painstakingly treat our content uniquely on each social channel and our newsletters to serve you, our all important audience, better. Follow them all to get a taste of Bham Now’s whole personality.

You’ll also see Bham Now content popping to the top of Google with our 100% SEO score and verified news status. Surprisingly, the majority of Bham Now’s site audience (you lovely people) come directly to our website or through search – not social.

Maybe this article is just becoming a brag about how awesome our audience is but once again, y’all are coming in clutch when it comes to supporting local biz. Bham Now happens to be a locally owned and operated business too. We’re in this together.

Thank You, Birmingham!

If you took the time to take this survey, thank you. You’re helping us keep up with what’s relevant and fresh. We welcome your feedback always at hello (@) bhamnow.com.

We’d also like to thank our awesome sponsors including Diamonds Direct, Mountain High Outfitters, Milo’s and Dave & Buster’s. Because of them, our lucky winners have some dope new prizes to enjoy.

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