2 Birmingham initiatives helping to support local businesses and startups

IMG 5821 2 Birmingham initiatives helping to support local businesses and startups
The sun sets on The Magic City. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

The last few months have been difficult for everyone—especially small, local businesses. Several Birmingham organizations have created initiatives to help Birmingham business owners make it through the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about Rebound Bham and the Bronze Valley Accelerator.

1. Meet Rebound Bham

Screen Shot 2020 07 23 at 3.16.04 PM 2 Birmingham initiatives helping to support local businesses and startups
Birmingham small businesses are irreplaceable—so it’s important to have their back. Photo via Rebound Bham

A group of Birmingham organizations have teamed together to provide workshops and resources for local small businesses struggling to weather the COVID-19 crisis. This collaborative initiative—known as Rebound Bham—aims to provide small businesses with the tools and skills to sustain and improve their business through COVID-19 and beyond.

Rebound Bham is made up of 15 local organizations that already have experience with helping small businesses.

How does Rebound Bham work?

Through virtual workshops, social media events, resources and more, the Rebound Bham team aims to coach small business owners in best practices to help them retain, sustain and expand their business through 2020.

With workshops every Tuesday and Thursday, Rebound Bham will cover topics like financial empowerment, sales & marketing, and leadership & operations. The first workshop—Crafting an Authentic Brand Story—debuts on Tuesday, July 28.

Learn more & Register for future Rebound Bham events.

2. Meet Bronze Valley Accelerator

bv gener8tor hero 2 Birmingham initiatives helping to support local businesses and startups
Bronze Valley Accelerator will help Birmingham startups put their best foot forward. Photo via Bronze Valley

Rebound Bham isn’t the only organization lending a helping hand to small businesses. On July 16, nationally-ranked startup accelerator gener8tor officially teamed up with Bronze Valley to help encourage the growth of startups in Birmingham and throughout the Southeast.

Bronze Valley is a Birmingham-based non-profit, early stage venture investment platform that encourages innovation by companies created by diverse and underrepresented founders.

Supported by Alabama Power and the Alabama Department of Commerce, the The Bronze Valley Accelerator is a free version of gener8tor’s original program. Bronze Valley Accelerator will help assist up to 15 early-stage startups in Birmingham through each year with individualized mentorship and coaching. The accelerator is designed to help startups develop products, ideas and gain early customer traction.

Encouraging Growth in Birmingham

Birmingham, Alabama Launchpad
With more than $5.7 million invested, Alabama Launchpad is a prominent startup competition that has helped grow 94 Alabama startups throughout the years. Photo via Alabama Launchpad

Rebound Bham and the Bronze Valley Accelerator join a number of organizations that aim to keep Birmingham’s startups and small businesses competitive and healthy, such as:

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