Local tech startup launches $5 smart bracelet to share Black Lives Matter resources


Linq 5696 Local tech startup launches $5 smart bracelet to share Black Lives Matter resources
BLM.BAND helps you show your support, share resources and take action. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Over the past month, Black Lives Matter has dominated the news. But once media coverage begins to wane, it’s important to remember that Black Lives Matter isn’t a moment—it’s a movement. That’s why local tech startup Linq has designed and launched BLM.BAND, a smart bracelet that directs you to a list of resources that help you take action, get educated and donate to relevant organizations driving change in our world.

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It’s not a moment. It’s a Movement.

BLM Street Murals 3 scaled 1 Local tech startup launches $5 smart bracelet to share Black Lives Matter resources
In June, the Birmingham community came together to design + complete an inspiring Black Lives Matter mural beside Railroad Park. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Black Lives Matter. Over the past month, millions of Americans have poured into the streets to show their support for the movement. And while cities like Birmingham have taken symbolic steps to show their support, it’s important for each individual to educate themselves in order to help in a meaningful way.

I’ll admit—trying to sift through the numerous resources, reading material and more that my friends have shared on social media can be daunting. Luckily, a local tech startup Linq, created BLM.BAND, a smart bracelet that makes it easy for people to both show their support and share resources.

Share Resources with the BLM Bracelet

Linq 5711 Local tech startup launches $5 smart bracelet to share Black Lives Matter resources
The BLM.BAND page is filled with tons of educational and helpful resources. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

“We began seeing all of the resources being shared, including organizations to donate to, ways to take action, and general information about the BLM movement. We thought, ‘What if we consolidated all these resources into a single Linq page, and made it sharable through one of our NFC enabled products?’ So we did just that and created an entirely new product that is wearable, super easy to share, and a way to show support for the movement.”

Jared Mattsson, COO and Co-Founder, Linq

Linq’s BLM.BAND is a first-of-its-kind NFC-powered smart bracelet that enables people to quickly share information related to the Black Lives Matter movement. By tapping the bracelet with a smartphone, users are directed to a curated list of resources that are perfectly organized to start the conversations that need to happen to promote systematic change.

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“We did our own research on relevant articles, we asked people that we trusted who have been personally affected by systemic racism, we looked at other organizations trying to do similar consolidation stuff, and we came up with BLM.BAND. We definitely don’t claim to have arrived at a fully inclusive list, so we added a feedback form directly to that page!”

Jared Mattsson, Linq

How does it work?

The bracelet is fitted with NFC (Near-Field Communication) tech that allows two electronic devices to share data over a short distance. To use the NFC chip, simply tap your phone on the bracelet and your phone will automatically be directed to the BLM.BAND resource page.

See the Bracelet in Action

Linq partnered with Raheim Robinson of Dreamheim Studios to create this informational video to showcase the BLM Bracelet. The video featured the voice of UAB’s Dr. Anthony C. Hood and Birmingham influencers Randall Porter and Mindy Rohr.

“I’ve got to give a huge shoutout specifically to Raheim Robinson and Dreamheim Studios for partnering with us on the BLM Bracelet. He’s a phenomenal videographer, animator and a creative mastermind! It was a pleasure working with him on this project.”

Jared Mattsson, Linq

All Proceeds Benefit an Organization of Your Choosing

Linq 5686 Local tech startup launches $5 smart bracelet to share Black Lives Matter resources
Just five dollars? Count me in. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

“As entrepreneurs, we feel the struggle of operating a business in the pandemic, and we can’t imagine the added stress of being oppressed because of our skin color. So we’re doing our best to find and support local black-owned businesses.”

Jared Mattsson, Linq

For just five dollars, the BLM.BAND is already a no-brainer. But wait—it gets better. All proceeds from the bracelet go towards a related organization of your choosing:

For five dollars, you can show your support, share resources and contribute to worthwhile organizations. Sound good? Head over to BLM.BAND to order your BLM bracelet today!

For everyone local, you can pick up BLM.BAND in person at several local businesses:

Know additional resources that should be added to the BLM.BAND page? Send your suggestions to Linq!

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