Watching the Onewheel trend continue in Birmingham

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Railroad Park is the ideal place to weave around on your “skateboard of the future”. Photo by Ryan Black via Onewheel Riders on Facebook.

We’ve had our eye on a number of gadgets around Birmingham that make us feel like we’re living in the future. Some of them are even affecting the way we get around town. A relatively new development, the Onewheel, offers a speedy alternative to skateboards and scooters for those on the move. Plus, it’s social distancing approved, and we must say, it’s pretty cool.

Why a Onewheel?

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Local Onewheelers gliding through the Magic City at night. Photo by Steve Kramer via Birmingham Onewheelers on Facebook.

With its one-wheel design vs. that of a four-wheel skateboard, it makes weaving around much easier. You can even make a 180-degree rotation, and depending on its size, devices can go as fast as 19 miles per hour with a range of 6 to 18 miles. 

The production of the Onewheel began in 2014. Since then they’ve come up with many designs including an array of sizes and weights with varying prices. Some beginners might have a wobbly start. But after taking a little practice to get comfortable, riders simply shift their balance and lean in the direction they’d like to go. 

In July of 2019, Alabama approved a bill legalizing the use of e-scooters, with each city having the authority to regulate them. Riders below the age of 14 are not permitted to travel on the scooter or board. And it’s highly encouraged that riders protect themselves with helmets, knee pads, etc.

Remembering the OG Birmingham Onewheeler

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“Don’t ever stop!” mural between Morris Avenue and 23rd street created by Paul Cordes Wilm. Photo by Pat Byington.

It’s likely you’ve seen someone Onewheeling around the city or caught sight of a group cruising through your neighborhood. You also might remember Birmingham’s Onewheel Jesus, immortalized by the mural by artist Paul Cordes Wilm located between Morris Avenue and 23rd Street.

The mural which reads “Don’t ever stop,” was inspired by local Onewheeler Mark Lindsey, aka Onewheel Jesus. Lindsey was often spotted on his Onewheel around the city but sadly passed away in February of 2019.

Want to Find Other Onewheelers in the ‘Ham

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There are many local Onewheelers to find within the city. Photo by Brandon Rose via Birmingham Onewheelers on Facebook.

As a social distancing approved activity, Onewheeling is a fun way to get out with a group of friends. Many local Birmingham Onewheelers get together on the Gardendale Urban Trail System and Vulcan Trail. They also have a Facebook group where they stay connected and plan their daily meetups.

Looking to purchase a Onewheel yourself? You can buy them locally from Jason Sucic–get in touch with him at 205.960.0010.

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