2 promising startups win $150,000 at Virtual Alabama Launchpad Finale


PSX 20200615 024324 2 promising startups win $150,000 at Virtual Alabama Launchpad Finale
The MOXIE IoT team standing next to their check for $100,000 in early stage seed funding from Alabama Launchpad. Photo via Alabama Launchpad

After an intense competition between seven Alabama startups, two Birmingham businesses came out on top at EDPA’s Virtual Alabama Launchpad Finale on June 11. Learn more about MOXIE IoT and Field Culture Compost, the two latest winners of the Alabama Launchpad startup competition. 

Plus, learn more about the upcoming Reignite Alabama, Alabama Launchpad Response Pitch Competition and apply now!

Alabama Launchpad Virtual Pitch

On Thursday, June 11, the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama hosted their first Virtual Alabama Launchpad startup competition. Usually, Alabama Launchpad hosts their finale in venues around the state. However, in order to keep their contestants and judges safe, Alabama Launchpad hosted this finale virtually. 

Watch the competition above.

“This round of Alabama Launchpad was a bit different format, but it allowed a ton of people to watch the competition online. Plus, they had an incredibly professional setup—almost like a movie set.”

Ross Wesson, Co-Founder, MOXIE IoT

Meet the Winners

Moxie IoT — $100,000

Industrial INSTALL 2 2 promising startups win $150,000 at Virtual Alabama Launchpad Finale
MOXIE engineers at a construction site. Photo via MOXIE IoT

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You may remember MOXIE IoT from April, when they made headlines due to their groundbreaking work in designing Bluetooth ventilator tech for patients with COVID-19. Now, as the recipient of $100,000 in funding, MOXIE will be able to take their products to a new level.

But what is MOXIE? And what does IoT stand for? IoT stands for “Internet of Things”—essentially a network of interconnected objects that can absorb and exchange data. MOXIE is a team of expert engineers who design custom IoT solutions for their clients. 

“Winning this competition is huge for us. We are actively looking to hire three new staff members—two technical, one business development—and this funding gives us the initial capital to hire.”

Ross Wesson, Co-Founder, MOXIE IoT

With their new team, MOXIE will continue to develop MoxieWORLD—their comprehensive solution for tracking the movement and activity of assets. Whether it be overhead cranes, forklifts, and pallets or human assets, MoxieWORLD will collect, store, analyze and display this data in their iOS app.

“MoxieWORLD can track our client’s data to help them keep people safer, decrease downtime and more. Our iOS app is easy to use—plus, we provide iPads to any clients who don’t already have one, so their transition is seamless.

Ross Wesson, Co-Founder, MOXIE IoT

Field Culture Compost — $50,000

PSX 20200615 024613 2 promising startups win $150,000 at Virtual Alabama Launchpad Finale
Alex Thompson and Matthew Nesbitt of Field Culture Compost, the concept stage winner at Alabama Launchpad. Photo via Alabama Launchpad

It’s no secret—Alabama is not the best at recycling and composting. Whether it’s local restaurants, grocery stores or meals you made at home, we end up throwing away most of our leftover food. However, Field Culture Compost is aiming to change the face of composting, starting right here in Birmingham.

By partnering with local businesses, Field Culture Compost can turn leftovers into environmentally-friendly compost, which can then be used on food-growing farms and in home gardens and landscapes. 

And some exciting news—Field Culture Compost is working closely with the Birmingham Zoo to use their waste materials for compost!

“Starting this week, we’ll follow through with our permitting process and start accepting material on our site from our partners. Our future plan is to divert the organic waste from large businesses here in Birmingham. Eventually, we’ll launch our home pickup service— we’ll take kitchen waste to our site, and reach the community in that way.”

Matthew Nesbitt, Co-Founder, Field Culture Compost

For concept-stage startups like Field Culture Compost, Alabama Launchpad offers more than funding. During weeks leading up to the competition, each startup receives direct feedback from Alabama Launchpad judges along with a pitch deck practice session from respected entrepreneurs.

“Alabama Launchpad helped us in several ways. We are farmers by trade, so sitting down and discussing financials wasn’t our cup of tea. The competition certainly forced us to do these things and find a direction for our vision.”

Matthew Nesbitt, Co-Founder, Field Culture Compost

Think your startup has what it takes?

PSX 20200615 022040 scaled 2 promising startups win $150,000 at Virtual Alabama Launchpad Finale
Alabama Launchpad separated each judge with a plexiglass shield for COVID-19 safety protocols. Photo via Alabama Launchpad

In the past several months, COVID-19 and other issues have presented entrepreneurs and innovators throughout Alabama with an opportunity to enact positive change.

That’s why Alabama Launchpad is calling on all Alabama entrepreneurs to help reignite hope and innovation in our state at their upcoming event: Reignite Alabama, Alabama Launchpad Response Pitch Competition. Applications are open now through July 16.

Learn more and apply now!

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