9 u-pick blueberry farms close to Birmingham

It’s blueberry season! Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash

Late June and July mean wishing a farewell to strawberry season and transitioning into something more akin to Violet Beauregarde—blueberry season. Picking your own just makes them taste better, and farms near Birmingham have the freshest finds waiting for you to stop by.

Please note: Blueberry farm hours vary based on weather, availability, and other factors. Please call ahead before visiting each location to ensure they’re open, some may require appointments.

Avoid these mistakes when picking blueberries

Blueberries require full sun so if you’re thinking of seeking shade during your rendez-vous it better come from the sun hat you’re wearing. Also, unlike when you dive into a bag of M&MS, it’s best to pick these little suckers one at a time versus by the handful to avoid smashing the fruit.

Don’t bother going for the ones who are un-ripe thinking they’ll perform a 180. Once the berries are picked, they won’t ripen.

The best way to pick ’em

Obviously, you’ll want to look for the ripest ones—they have dull grey skin. Hold your bucket under the berries and gently roll them into your hands, leaving only the unripe berries on the bush.

Jefferson County

1. Bear Mountain Blueberry Farm

Photo via Bear Mountain Blueberry Farm’s Facebook
  • Where: 8245 Clayton Rd, Springville, AL 35146
  • Hours: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 7AM-12PM
  • Know before you go: Only open for blueberry season for about 5 weeks | $10 per gallon, cash only

2. Judy Bee’s Honey and Berry Farm

Photo via Judy Bee’s Honey and Berry Farm’s Facebook
  • Where: 1601 Downs Rd. Mount Olive, Alabama 35117
  • Hours: (For the week of 6/14) Friday-Saturday 7AM-2PM
  • Know before you go: Call before heading out to confirm the farm is open

Bibb County

3. K&D Farm

Photo via K&D Farm’s Facebook
  • Where: Woodstock at 658 Townsend Rd
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday 8AM-dark
  • Know before you go:  Call or message on Facebook to let them know when you want to come. | $7 per gallon and if possible, please bring the correct amount.

4. The Vogel Farms

Photo via Vogel Farm’s Facebook
  • Where: There is no physical address, but find the farm across the street from 4824 West Ashby Rd, detailed directions
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday 7AM-7PM
  • Know before you go: Remember sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and closed-toe shoes. | $10 per gallon, cash only

Blount County

5. Be on the lookout for Sleepy Hollow Blueberry Farm

Photo via Sleep Hollow Blueberry Farm’s Facebook

Although not open just yet, check the farm’s Facebook for updates on when their blueberries will be ready for u-pick.

  • Where: 877 Sleepy Hollow Rd. Hayden, Alabama 35079
  • Hours: TBD
  • Know before you go: Call

Clay County

6. Holmestead Farm

Farm in Clay County
Photo via Holmestead Farm’s Facebook
  • Where: 6582 Co Rd 7, Talladega, AL 35160
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday 8AM-5PM | Sunday 1-5PM
  • Know before you go: Call ahead to place an order for apple and peach fried pies, made every Friday and Saturday

Cullman County

7. Be on the lookout for: Bagwell Blueberry Farm

Bagwell Farm
Photo via Bagwell Blueberry Farm’s Facebook

The farm is not quite ready for u-pick yet, but stay up to date through their Facebook for when the farm will re-open.

  • Where: 228 Co Rd 721, Cullman, AL 35055
  • Hours: TBD
  • Know before you go: Call

Shelby County

8. Lyon Blueberry Farm

Photo via Lyon Blueberry Farm’s Facebook
  • Where: 1700 Co Rd 56, Wilsonville, AL 35186
  • Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 7AM-3PM
  • Know before you go: Call | Please bring a face mask for times when it’s not possible to social distance | $15 per gallon, cash and checks only

St. Clair County

9. Wadsworth Blueberries

Photo via Wadsoworth Blueberries’ Facebook
  • Where: 330 Wadsworth Rd, Cropwell, AL 35054
  • Hours: Every day from sunup until sundown
  • Know before you go: Call | $14 per gallon, cash or check only

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