Get a peach of this—5 places to find fresh peaches near Birmingham

peaches Get a peach of this—5 places to find fresh peaches near Birmingham
Can’t wait to see these guys in a cobbler. Photo via Penton Farms’ Facebook

If you could eat one food from a cartoon, what would it be? One of mine would be the peach slush drink from “James and the Giant Peach”—even though that movie sort of emotionally scarred me as a child. Anyway, here’s a few items you need to know about peach season in the South and where to find ’em in Birmingham.

The low-down on the fuzz

“I know enough about peaches to be dangerous.” Those are words from content producer and peach aficionado Pat Byington, who gave me a call when I reached out for his expertise. Honestly, what does Pat not know?

He directed me toward advice from J.Durban Farms and the experts informed us that there are over 100 different varieties of peaches! Here I thought they all looked like the emoji. It also makes total sense that peach season is May through July, because as far as fruit is concerned, they’re definitely Geminis—a little indecisive.

The demarcation of peaches: Clingstone vs. Freestone

If you prefer your peaches to stick to the pit, buy early in the season. At the beginning of summer and through the first half of June peaches are smaller and cling to the seed—hence the creative name Clingstone peaches.

These guys are ideal candidates for canning and preserving. They’re also a little sweeter and juicier.

Ah, but they don’t stay that way—enter Freestone season. June 20 rolls around and like your friend after spending the semester abroad, they change. Late June through July peaches get bigger and break away from the seed. This is when those suckers are perfect for throwing in a cobbler.

Now that you know when to buy, here’s where to find them fresh in Alabama

1. Durbin Farms Market

2. McCraw Farms U-Pick

McCraw Farms Peaches Get a peach of this—5 places to find fresh peaches near Birmingham
Picking peaches in the summertime—sounds like the name of a song I’d listen to. Photo via McCraw Farms Facebook

3. Peach Park

4. Penton Farms (Also available at The Market at Pepper Place)

Penton Farms’ peaches frequent farmers markets across the state, but you can find them some Saturdays in Birmingham at The Market at Pepper Place

  • Where: 3595 Co Rd 59, Verbena, AL 36091
  • Market Hours: Drive-Thru Market open on Saturday for PICK UP ONLY between 7AM— 12PM
  • Farm Hours: Monday-Thursday 11AM-8PM
  • Contact: 205-351-1480 | Order peaches | Facebook| Instagram

5. Alabama Farmers Market

And here’s your daily dose of nostalgia:

Where else can you find fresh peaches in or near Birmingham? Let us know on social @bhamnow!

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