Over 11 ways small Birmingham businesses are giving back in big ways—here’s how

Downtown Birmingham Murals 41 1 Over 11 ways small Birmingham businesses are giving back in big ways—here's how
Birmingham businesses are putting out positivity into our city every day. Photo via Hannah Chambley for Bham Now.

The size of the business may be small, but the same surely can’t be said for how much local shops and creatives care about Birmingham. Not only are these businesses giving back to our city, but they’re also encouraging relief efforts and campaigning for a positive change worldwide. Now you can join them in their efforts.

Bang Images

Is that LinkedIn profile pic from junior year looking a little stale? Local photographers Jennifer Alsabrook-Turner, Mary Fehr and Andi Rice teamed up for a project that could benefit you and Campaign Zero.

The headshot fundraiser on June 14 is pay what you can and all proceeds go toward Campaign Zero. You’ll have fifteen minutes with one photographer and receive 5 digital files.

The Modern House + Seeds Coffee

Seeds is serving their brews with a side of community goodwill—100% of proceeds from each subscription you buy in June goes toward Modern House, a nonprofit coffee shop that focuses its efforts on reducing homelessness in Birmingham.

Kay. Ann. The Creative Company

After having a discussion on their Instagram Live, the team is making plans for a new phase in their company that includes giving back to local efforts making impactful change. Their “Spread the Love” campaign will focus on using their incredible baking skills to enact change.

“Since going live last night and presenting this campaign to our supporters, we have decided to move forward with this campaign! We are very excited to give back to a community that we call home.”

Kay. Ann. The Creative Company

They are still ironing out the details such as flavors, phases and which local organizations they’ll support, but we’re confident it will be amazing.

Back Forty Beer Company Birmingham

Be on the lookout for the release of a new beer on June 17, but this time it’s going to be worth a lot more than a great companion to happy hour. Back Forty partnered with I See Me, an organization whose mission is, “increasing the literacy rates in children of color by engaging them in literature that reflects their culture and mirrors their image.”

“On I See Me’s homepage is a Kofi Annan quote that reads, ‘Literacy is the bridge from misery to hope.’

Inspired by this message, on June 17th, Back Forty Birmingham will release ‘Bridge to Hope,’ an Imperial Brown Ale, and match all profits with a donation to I See Me, Inc.”

Via a statement by Back Forty Beer Company Birmingham

Seasick Records

After donating all proceeds from the shirt pictured above to the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Seasick decided to continue donating proceeds from their merch sales for the entire month of June. Keep up with their social channels for more details and how you can participate.


“Everything you want in a cotton tee,” including the notion that your proceeds are going toward an effective cause. Botanica’s shirts are re-stocked with new colors and a new initiative behind each purchase.

“Going forward, we are pledging to donate 10% of shirt sales to local black-led organizations who are working to make our community a more inclusive and just place for all. We feel this is important, given the profound civil rights history embedded in Birmingham.”

Botanica via Instagram post

Did you miss more positive action by Birmingham biz?

Near to Me CBD organizes impromptu drive to help homeless in Birmingham

After the homeless in Linn Park lost items amid the protests at Linn Park last week, Near to Me CBD quickly sprung into action and sent out a call to action asking community members to donate items.

The store asked community members to donate items to their store, which the team then transported to Be A Blessing Birmingham. By the looks of that video, it seems like Birmingham residents stepped up to the task.

Local florists collaborate to create something truly special downtown

Wild Things Birmingham along with over 30 more local florists created a beautiful floral memorial in front of the Rotary Trail sign. Carolyn Chen from Wild Things stated the reason behind the installation was, “To remember those in our community who have been victims of racism… and to try to bring the community together to reflect, be inspired and learn from each other about how to move forward in a way that makes our city and state more just and more equal.”

6 t-shirts you can buy that support frontline workers, nonprofits + Birmingham business

If you’re a t-shirt hoarder like me, this will be the easiest way to give back to Birmingham you’ve seen yet. Buying a shirt from one of the organizations listed in the article below supports local nonprofits, your favorite bars and shops and more.

Wheelhouse Salon has nearly reached their GoFundMe goal

Although reluctant at first in an attempt to not focus the narrative of what’s happening in the world on themselves, an overwhelming urge from the community insisted Wheelhouse set up a GoFundMe. This came in response to the extensive damage and loss the salon faced last week.

“We hesitated to ask for donation because we don’t want to make this movement about us and our struggle, however, it’s undeniable that after closing for months to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, our ability to rebuild may be more reliant on contributions from the community than we’d like to admit.

To ensure the relief funds are distributed as widely as possible we will be giving a percentage raised to neighboring small businesses who were affected as well as the local organization Urban Impact Birmingham.”

Statement made by Wheelhouse via GoFundMe message

Quickly, the local Birmingham business has nearly reached its goal of $5000. As mentioned in the statement, not only will the money go toward Wheelhouse but other small businesses who were affected.

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