7 years of Iron City: The Bham Now team’s favorite memories


the flaming lips in 2018 7 years of Iron City: The Bham Now team's favorite memories
Who else is ready to see another amazing concert at Iron City? Photo via Iron City on Facebook

Can you believe that Iron City has been around in Birmingham for seven years now? In honor of their recent birthday, I asked some of the Bham Now team to share their favorite memories at Iron City.

Bham Now’s Favorite Memories

1. Sharron Swain & Cindy Martin

Back in August of 2019, we partied like it was our birthday at Iron City Grill!

Sharron Swain: My favorite memory from Iron City is when we had Bham Now’s 3rd birthday party there. The food was lovely (I’m looking at you, Buffalo Cauliflower Bites) and the drinks that flowed freely (thank you, Campesino Rum) added to the festive spirit. It was fun not only meeting new and old friends and colleagues, but also introducing people who should know each other to each other. Can’t wait ’till I can go back and celebrate togetherness again one day. 

Cindy Martin: My favorite food item from the Iron City Grill was a Cherry Cheese Crepe that I had with a Sunday brunch. Owner Steve DeMedicis recommended it to me and boy, was he spot on!  I continue to think about it and look forward to another serving when they open.

2. Irene Richardson

Irene’s first official concert at Iron City was Dr. Dog and Son Little in 2018. Since her cousin was flying in, Irene wanted to show her how fun Birmingham is—and what better way than at a concert at Iron City? The duo actually won tickets through an Iron City giveaway!

Irene: Seeing Shakey Graves is definitely my favorite memory! I’d seen him three times before at festivals, but his show at Iron City was definitely the best because the venue made it a much more intimate show. I went with my friend who wasn’t as big a fan as I am, but he ended up leaving with half their merch. PLUS, his opener was the Wild Reeds who are the sickest girl band of our time, IMO.

There’s no better feeling than attending a really, really good concert. You get to share that experience with whoever you go with for the rest of your lives, and I can’t wait for it to be at Iron City. Plus, I’m finally old enough to enjoy my show with a drink so that doesn’t hurt.

3. Jacob Blankenship

image2 2 7 years of Iron City: The Bham Now team's favorite memories
Maggie Rogers at Iron City. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

Jacob: My favorite concert was Maggie Rogers in April of 2019. I am a big fan and listen to her music daily. I’m looking forward to more great concerts and events at Iron City once they reopen!

4. Chaise Sanders

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Foster the People at Iron City in 2017. Photo via Iron City on Facebook

Chaise: My first Iron City concert was G Eazy in 2015. I got separated from my friends but I was front row so I was aye okay. 

My favorite concert I’ve seen at Iron City was Foster the People. I won tickets, so not only was it free but it was also the first time I’d been in the balcony area so the view was killer. Loved their concert visuals! 

I just can’t wait to vibe with some of my favorite bands when the time comes. I’ve always been one to value experiences over possessions any day. 

5. Gabi Hembree

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Iron City’s Halloween party was “spooktacular”. Get it? I’ll show myself out. Photo via Iron City on Facebook

Gabi: My first REAL concert at Iron City was when some of the team went to see Hippie Sabotage. I knew of them and liked some of their songs, and of course I love Iron City and wanted to have a fun outing with our coworkers! 

I have a few really great memories from Iron City, like when we threw our Bham Now party there in August. I also really enjoyed the Halloween party this past year. My FAV memory from Iron City is actually pretty recent! I went to see Wallows at IC with a group of friends on my birthday. 

I think the thing I enjoy most about IC is honestly just the good vibes. Every time I walk in I feel welcome, excited, and just ready to have a great time. Not to mention the food from the Grill is  đź’Ż 

Looking forward to seeing another concert at Iron City?

event or something 7 years of Iron City: The Bham Now team's favorite memories
You can be sure to catch me at Iron City once they reopen. Photo via Iron City on Facebook

Although concerts at Iron City are currently suspended due to Coronavirus, they’ll be up and running as soon as it’s safe to do so. In the meantime, check out their concert calendar and see which shows you’d love to see!

What is the best show you’ve seen at Iron City? Tag us on social media @bhamnow and let us know!

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