Ready to spice up your life? This Birmingham hot sauce startup delivers

gabrielle cepella RRGxWRrQ 8c unsplash scaled Ready to spice up your life? This Birmingham hot sauce startup delivers
It’s easier than ever to bring the heat into your own home. Photo via Unsplash

These days, you can get absolutely anything delivered to your doorstep via subscription service. In a world where convenience is key, this Birmingham startup is adding some flavor to the subscription box game and we are here. for. it. Read on to get all the details!

Get a Little Hot, Birmingham

Meet the hottest new arrival to the Birmingham startup scene. Get a Little Hot is a subscription service that delivers “the South’s best hot sauces” right to your door once a month.

Personally, I consider myself a hot sauce connoisseur. Seriously—I rarely go anywhere without Tabasco in my bag and I’ve received fancy hot sauce as a gift on more than one occasion. If you’re in the same boat or know someone who is, you need this service in your life.

Choose from three different boxes and Get a Little Hot will scour the South for the best flavors to fill it. Every month, you get a Cajun Christmas at your doorstep. Where do I sign up?

Bringing the Heat

Jeff and Bethany Meadows are Birmingham residents with a passion for Southern hot sauce and the people who make it. All of the products they sell and share are made in small batches right here in the South. Think: what you might find in farmer’s market stands, mom & pop shops, etc.

“Southerners take their traditions very seriously, and nowhere is this truer than with food. From the perfect biscuit to a hot sauce that will make your eyeballs melt, recipes have been passed down from one generation to another for many years. 

At Get a Little Hot, we’ve sought out those traditionalists who are carrying the torch for Southern hot sauce perfection. So, whether you like just a little extra zing in your chili, or a raging fire in the belly, we’ve got hot sauces so good you will be shoutin’ ‘butter my butt and call me a biscuit!'”

Get a Little Hot

“Throw Some Pepper Sauce On It”

Common advice in my household growing up. Whether it was gumbo, greens, seafood—pretty much anything, actually—it would probably be better with some hot sauce.

If you want to spice up your kitchen will small batch + small business sauces, here’s how you can:

Shop the Spice

Find hot sauce of varying heat levels from small businesses all over the South. No subscription needed!

Subscribe to the Spice

Choose to get your subscription delivery either monthly or quarterly.

Want to learn more? Check out Get a Little Hot on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the heat.

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