14 Birmingham counselors offering online therapy

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There are hundreds of online platforms offering valuable resources and virtual therapy. Photo via Unsplash.

Big lifestyle changes of any kind—much less, those brought on by a pandemic—can take a toll on your mental health. Things are tough right now, and if you’re struggling, know you don’t have to go through it alone. Here are 14 Birmingham counseling centers offering virtual services.

1. The Wise Center


The Wise Center specializes in therapy that helps patients handle their emotions, tolerate distress, and manage their thoughts. During the pandemic they are open for virtual therapy. Learn more about their approach and request an appointment here.

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2. Apollo Counseling

Apollo Counseling provides mental health counseling for all ages starting with preteens at age 11 to all the way into adulthood. They specialize in individual counseling, couple’s counseling, and family counseling. Get started here and schedule an appointment.

3. LLF Counseling

LLF Counseling specializes in helping children to adults achieve peace by assisting them through difficult and challenging times. Find out more and schedule an appointment here.

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4. Hope For Healing

Hope For Healing helps individuals find peace as they work with couples, adolescents, teens, adults, and those getting over addiction. Learn more about their approach and schedule an appointment here.

5. Kady Abbott Counseling Solutions

Kady Abbott Counseling Solutions offers video, text, and call sessions for helping individuals deal with domestic violence, addiction, and general wellness. Get started and contact them here.

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6. Integrative Health Services

Integrative Health Services assists couples, families, adolescents, and individuals struggling with mental health to treat their mind and spirit. Get in touch with them and book an appointment.

7. Angie Kelly Counseling

Angie Kelly Counseling helps individuals, couples, and those seeking career counseling to handle stress and manage important relationships. Learn more and book an appointment here.

8. Empower Counseling & Coaching

Empower Counseling & Coaching provides a focus for individuals struggling with anxiety and depression, providing support for individual and emotional well-being. Find out more about their approach and begin a free consultation here.

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9. ACTS Counseling

ACTS Counseling helps those dealing with relationship issues and individuals facing anxiety and depression to improve their state of mind. They also provide Spanish and Portuguese speaking counselors. Being communicating with them here.

10. In Touch Counseling Agency

In Touch Counseling agency strives to assist individuals with the troubles of life they may be facing in order to get in touch with their mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Start here and get in touch.

11. Alabama Counseling and Consulting Services

ACCS specializes in working with children/adolescents, relationship counseling, and families. They provide an understanding outlet to help individuals get in touch with their mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Get started and request an appointment here.

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12. Myers Counseling and Consulting

Myers Counseling and Consulting works with children, teens, and adults. They also provide counseling for families and couples. Learn more about their approach and get in touch with them here.

13. Alexander Counseling Services

Alexander Counseling Services offers life coaching services for adults, teens, children, couples and families. They are also offering specialized financial assistance during this time. Book an appointment here.

14. Freedom Professional Counseling

Freedom Professional Counseling works with individuals, couples, and families to help clients discover purpose and restore relationships. Learn more about their services and begin communicating here.

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Remember we’re in this together, and there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Stay #BhamStrong 💪.

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