Spire donates up to $500,000 for COVID-19 relief + how utility companies are helping those affected

Birmingham, Spire, COVID-19, coronavirus
Give help during COVID-19. Photo via Spire’s Facebook page

It’s been over six weeks since the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation. For many, the very policies designed to keep us safe from harm have led to interruptions in income—or worse, unemployment. That’s why Spire is donating up to $500,000 in matching gifts for the DollarHelp program. Read on for more about this and other utility companies helping those affected by the coronavirus. 

What is the DollarHelp Program?

The DollarHelp program first went into effect in 1982 when Spire created the program as part of the company’s commitment to provide resources for limited income customers in the communities it serves.

Now managed through the United Way, the DollarHelp program allows Spire customers to donate $1 every month to help other customers who are in need of assistance with their natural gas bills.

“We live and work in the communities we serve. These are uncertain times for everyone, but when our communities are down, we lift each other up. That’s what DollarHelp is all about.”

Christopher Gagliano, Vice President of Customer Experience, Spire

As of its launch on April 16, Spire is matching the expected first-year contributions of new and increased pledges, dollar for dollar, up to $500,000.

More Ways Spire is Helping During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Birmingham, Spire, COVID-19, coronavirus
Give help during COVID-19. Photo via Spire’s Facebook page

Along with donating up to 500,000 in matching gifts, Spire is also donating $250,000 to food pantries and meal programs in the areas they serve. Spire, you are wow-ing me right now!

  • Suspending late fees and disconnections for homes and businesses.
  • Deploying additional resources to promote awareness and processing of federal and state low-income energy assistance dollars. 
  • Expanding the DollarHelp program by encouraging new customers to support those in need and current customers to provide additional support to those who need it most during the pandemic. 

Get Help

If you’ve been affected by the pandemic and are in need of financial assistance to pay your gas bills, click here or call 800.292.4008.

Give Help

Do you wish to help others by donating to the DollarHelp program? Here’s how:

Who’s in?

Birmingham, Alabama Power
The internet is a must when social distancing. Photo via Alabama Power’s Facebook page

Along with Spire, there are more utility companies in Birmingham that are working to help those economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some:

Alabama Power

Alabama Power is working with customers impacted by the pandemic by suspending late payment fees and disconnections of service due to non-payment. 

They are also offering payment assistance resources. For help, contact customer service by logging into your account or calling 800.245.2244.

For businesses impacted during this time, visit altogetheralabama.org.

Birmingham Water Works

Birmingham Water Works is helping by ensuring all Birmingham residents have access to clean water. They will also not cut off water service for delinquent payments until further notice.

Learn more.

Trussville Gas & Water

Trussville Gas and Water is working with customers during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing flexible payment options to fit their personal financial needs. They are also temporarily suspending disconnections.

For customers affected by the pandemic and are having difficulty paying their bills, contact the customer service department in one of the following ways:

  • Visit Trussville.com, click “your account” and complete the online application for the COVID-19 Flexible Payment plan.
  • Call the customer service department at 205.655.3211.
  • Send an email to flexpay@trussville.com indicating your financial need for payment arrangements. Include: name, customer number, phone number and the amount you think you will be able to pay monthly.


For AT&T customers, here’s what the company is offering for those economically affected by COVID-19.

  • No overage fees.
  • Internet access for qualifying limited-income households at $10 per month through Access from AT&T program.
  • No termination of service for any wireless, home phone or broadband residential or small business customers.

Comcast Xfinity

To help customers during this unprecedented time, Comcast Xfinity is offering several things:

  • No disconnects or late fees for Xfinity Internet, Mobile or Voice customers through June 30.
  • Unlimited Data for all customers for no additional charge through June 30.
  • 60 days free for eligible new customers who sign up to receive Internet Essentials service.
  • Increased speeds for all Internet Essentials customers.

Learn more.

Spectrum Brighthouse

To ease the strain for those economically affected during this challenging time, Spectrum is doing a number of things:

  • Offering Spectrum Internet Assist, a high-speed broadband program eligible to low-income households.
  • Offering new free access to internet and WiFi for 60 days for new PreK-12, college student and educator (PreK-12 teachers and college/university professors) households who don’t currently have internet or WiFi service, and at any service level up to 100 Mbps.
  • Will not terminate service for residential or small business customers.
  • Will not charge late fees.


As of April 27, TMobile has extended their commitment to the FCC Pledge through June 30. They will continue to offer support for postpaid wireless, residential and small business customers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

TMobile is also offering a pay-as-you go plan with two gigabytes of data for $15 a month.

Check here for updates.


For Verizon customers, the company is doing a number of things to help customers impacted by the pandemic, including:

  • Waiving late fees for residential and small business customers.
  • Not terminating service to any residential or small business customers due to an inability to pay their bills.

Are there more utility companies helping those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic? Let us know on social @bhamnow.

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