How and where to see the Lyrid meteor shower in Birmingham April 20-22

Ready to go stargazing, Bham? Photo via Unsplash.

Ready to go stargazing, Birmingham? From April 20-22, you may want to turn your eyes to the sky. Add a little extra excitement to your quarantine routine with the Lyrid meteor shower—the oldest meteor shower to ever be recorded. Read on for details.

What is the Lyrid meteor shower?

The annual Lyrid meteor shower usually occurs each year in late April. This year, the light show is expected to occur between Sunday, April 19 until the morning of Wednesday, April 22. Luckily, Sunday’s storms have provided clear skies for Birmingham.

The best time to view the meteor shower is:

  • When the sky is fully dark
  • Between midnight and dawn

It’s expected to peak on April 22nd and since our sleep schedules are kind of messed up anyway, might as well pull an all-nighter right? Maybe that’s just me.

Where can I see it?

starsonoakmountain How and where to see the Lyrid meteor shower in Birmingham April 20-22
Stars over Oak Mountain. Photo via Oak Mountain State Park’s Facebook.

If you’re not an expert in astronomy, bear with me here. I’m not either so I’ll try to explain this as simple as possible.

  1. Look for Vega—the bright star in the east.
  2. Find an area of the sky that’s dark, open and away from lights.

It’s as simple as that!

What’s the best way to watch it?

The best thing about the Lyrid meteor shower is that you don’t need any special equipment to see it. All that’s required is a comfortable outdoor seating arrangement and plenty of patience.

I once heard someone compare watching shooting stars to fishing. You just have to set up, enjoy some time outdoors and hope for the best. The key is to be patient and commit to watching the eastern sky.

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