Keep the hustle going with Battle Republic—3 ways to workout now


Battle Republic
Battle Republic is bringing the fight and prize to you. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now.

When the world is standing still, it’s time to keep moving. Birmingham has never been a city to take it slow, and now isn’t the time to sit down. Battle Republic has the perfect solution for keeping us motivated and ready to break out of the norm. Are you up for the challenge?

‘You don’t have to have a bag to be a badass’

“The virtual classes have been a lifesaver for me. I had grown to love boxing as an exercise, but also the community of Battle Republic.

The virtual classes help me to stay consistent with the exercise and on a workout schedule during a time when normal schedules have been thrown out the window.”

Brittany Wagner, motivational speaker and star of Netflix’s Last Chance U

Now that we’re all motivated, let me give you the lowdown of how you can achieve your goals.

Get ready to dominate that virtual workout

Tonia Trotter Yoga Battle Republic at Home Keep the hustle going with Battle Republic—3 ways to workout now
Kick butt, have fun, get stronger, repeat. Picture via Tonia Trotter.

Birmingham is a community of hustlers and dreamers, movers and shakers. So Battle is giving them everything they’ve got. Their world-class coaches are taking you through each workout, so while you may not be in the studio, you’re in the battle.

“The connection is real. At Battle Republic we really are a family and even though I don’t see the instructors and other Battlers in person, I still feel very connected. 

I doubt many other virtual groups or classes still provide a true sense of family and personal connection. We are in this together.”

Ryan Wilson, VP of Managed Care at Encompass Health

1. Battle On Demand

High energy, professionally produced. Everyone has a battle and these classes bring in the crème de la crème of the fitness world to help you defeat it. You don’t have to do it alone either—bring the kids in on the workouts so the whole fam can get moving.

  • Boxing inspired HIIT classes
  • Strength training
  • Yoga
  • Guided runs

“As a mom of two who is still trying to work from home and balance schoolwork, virtual classes let me keep a flexible schedule. Whether I can do 7AM one day or it needs to be 4PM the next, I know it’s just a click away.”

Tonia Trotter

Connect your Heart Rate monitor to your Battle App during these workouts to track your results and points.

“Battle’s boxing workouts are a full-body workout. I find myself just as sore with the shadow boxing as if I was actually hitting the bag.

The positive vibe of the coaches, the intensity of the workout and the length of the 45-minute classes are perfect for an at-home workout. Also, no equipment needed, which is awesome!”

Brittany Wagner
Brittany making this workout COUNT. Video via Brittany Wagner.
  • Unlimited classes for $49.99 per month after your 3 Day Free Trial
  • Rent individual workouts for $5.99
  • Sign up now.

Battle at Home Package

No equipment? No problem. However, if you want to go the extra mile and bring fire and strength to your workout purchase an at-home package for your at-home studio (a.k.a the living room).

  • Boxing bag
  • Gloves
  • Wraps
  • Heart Rate Monitors
  • Battle Republic merch

Packages starting at $179. Purchase now.

2. Virtual Private Training

Battle Republic
Get one-on-one training time with your coach with a private session. Photo courtesy of Battle Republic.

Maybe you’re missing your favorite coach or want to kick it up a notch and get motivated face-to-face with a private session. Battle Republic’s coaches are available for virtual private training—keeping you accountable and connected.

3. Live Classes on Zoom + Instagram

Ryan is killing the game. 🔥 Video via Ryan Wilson.

Just because the world is upside down doesn’t mean you have to head into battle alone. Stay together with your workout fam and catch the coaches on Battle Live Interactive for the ultimate sweat sesh.

“The workouts are essentially the same or very similar just without a bag. Following through with each punch without the resistance of the bag works your muscles in a different way and parts of my body were actually sore again after my first virtual class. 

Knowing that I can do the classes at any time of day is a great option. ‘280 was a nightmare’ does not work as an excuse any longer!

Ryan Wilson

Weekly Battle LIVE Instagram Class + After Class Event

Get connected to the Birmingham community and your coaches when you join Battle Republic each Wednesday at 4:30PM for a FREE Battle IG Live class. It’s followed by a collab with a local business or an interactive after-class event with the all-star team.

New to working out or new to Battle Republic? We’ve got some advice.

Just take a look at these friendly faces. They don’t bite, but they will give you one heck of a workout. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now.

If this weird, uncertain time we’re in isn’t the perfect time to take a leap out of your comfort zone and go for the gold—when is? I recently bought roller skates and let me tell you, if I can consistently bust my butt in front of crowds of people, you can start a virtual class.

Jump right in

“You have zero pressure and fear about not doing something right or keeping up with someone else.  It is simply about making yourself better at your own pace. 

You will be surprised at how far you can push yourself and how awesome you feel afterward. I Battle really hard and have made good progress and want to keep moving forward.”

Ryan Wilson

Stick to a schedule + keep positive

“Do it! What do you have to lose by trying it out? I think setting a schedule for the day and then following through with it is rewarding and also a great way to stay in a positive mindset during this time.”

Brittany Wagner

Mix it up!

“Try a workout with each trainer and see who you vibe with the best! They all bring something a little different to the table, and you will start to learn that you are needing to dig deep with Abby, work on speed and endurance with Brandon, or push to be your best with Leah.

I like to mix up my workouts and just stay active in general. My workouts, like the rest of life, have shifted a bit. FaceTime workouts with my trainer keep me accountable and keep me from getting bored with the same routine.”

Tonia Trotter

Don’t be one who watches, be the one to watch. Keep up with the team on Facebook and learn more through Battle Republic’s website.

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