Introducing #TunefulTuesday by The Alabama Symphony Orchestra

Violin, Alabama Symphony Orchestra
Violin. Photo via Alabama Symphony Orchestra

Social distancing can’t stop the Alabama Symphony Orchestra from creating their exquisite sound in Birmingham. Tune in to #TunefulTuesday each week to hear musicians continue to share their music.

Orchestrating from home

Due to the ongoing battle against COVID-19, the Alabama Symphony Orchestra has either cancelled or postponed all concerts through May 30th. However, the ASO has made the best of this situation and has created something new to help them share their love of music with all of us.

 #TunefulTuesday features members of the symphony individually collaborating from the comfort of their homes to create music they would traditionally perform live for an audience. 

The first week’s installment showcased artists Brad Whitfield, Richard Cassarino, and Pei-Ju Wu performing Bach’s Trio Sonata in G Major. 

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Brad Whitfield, Assistant Principal Clarinet, ASO. Photo via ASO

Whitfield, Assistant Principal Clarinet, expressed, 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented circumstances for every industry and profession. We, the musicians of the ASO, can literally not do our job at the moment. As heartbreaking as that is, it is in the best interest of our entire community’s safety and well-being. However, that will not impede us from bringing the music to our beloved audience. Our #TunefulTuesday series is just one small way that we can continue to #keepthemusicgoing for our community during these crazy times that we are navigating together.” 

Mellowing with Music

This is a brilliant way for the Symphony to share the music they feel so passionately about in far from normal times. While balancing the changes brought to our lives in current times, classical music can be beneficial while trying to achieve calmness and peace. Did we mention it can also reduce stress? 

Music is powerful, to the point it can influence every aspect of our lives. A nice tune here or there seems like the perfect solution when trying to put your mind at ease during these crazy times.

Keeping On

We are forever thankful to ASO for lifting up our spirits. Since they are unable to perform in their traditional sense, ASO have found a way to still get together (from a distance) and continue their sound. They continue to uplift our community through the power of music. 

Now tell us, Birmingham, what music are you listening to right now that’s helping you get through? Tag us on social @bhamnow and let us know.

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Grace Howe
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