Buy this T-Shirt, designed by Fitz Hand Painted Signs, and help support BHMcares

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Shawn Fitzwater’s new mural in Homewood. Photo via Fitz Hand Painted Signs on Facebook

You may remember Shawn Fitzwater from when he restored one of Homewood’s Ghost Signs. Now, he has a new mission—helping healthcare workers fighting on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shawn has teamed up with Vulcan Apparel Company and Battle Republic to raise money for BHMcares—by selling custom, timely t-shirts.

Buy the t-shirt here—100% of the proceeds go to BHMcares.

“We Are All In This Together”

In March, local artist Shawn Fitzwater of Fitz Hand Painted Signs painted a new mural in downtown Homewood. On the side of the Battle Republic sign, Shawn painted a mural that read “We Are All In This Together”.

This message of hope reflects the great attitude of The Magic City during this difficult time. As soon as things started getting difficult, Birmingham banded together to form organizations like BhamStrong, mobilized to sew handmade masks, and much, much more. Truly, Birmingham is in this together.

Raising Money for BHMcares… with t-shirts!

“As a small business owner and family man I felt inspired to use my skills as an artist to spread a little positivity amidst our circumstances. From our health care workers battling it out on the frontlines, to our small businesses that have fought to get to where they are only to see everything crumbling away around them, to family members losing loved ones or being apart from loved ones…those are the people that I hope this message reaches the most and maybe bring a spark of hope and peacefulness during this challenging time that were in together.”

Shawn Fitzwater, Fitz Hand Painted Signs

Using the design from his mural, Shawn teamed up with Vulcan Apparel Company and Battle Republic to create a one-of-a-kind t-shirt. For a limited time, you can buy one of these t-shirts and sport your support of Birmingham.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing that 100% of proceeds from sales go towards BHMcares, a non-profit organization that helps support local restaurants during the pandemic. Money donated to the restaurants goes to feeding local hospital staff during the crisis as well.

You can buy the t-shirt here—and act fast, because there’s only 6 days left before the campaign is over!

Have you bought one of the BHMcares shirts? Tag @bhamnow on social media to share!

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