How Vestavia Family Dentistry and Magic City Dentistry are doing their part during COVID-19

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Dr. Pruitt and his Urgent Care Team at Vestavia Family Dentistry. Photo courtesy of Vestavia Family Dentistry

Back when she was young, my sister tipped over in a chair and broke her two front teeth. Luckily, she was able to get to an emergency dental appointment and got her teeth fixed. Dental emergencies like broken teeth are no joke—so what happens if you experience one in the middle of a statewide quarantine?  Vestavia Family Dentistry and Magic City Dentistry have stepped up to fill that need.

Offering Urgent Dental Care

VFD and MCD’s compliance goes above and beyond in their use and preservation of proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Photo courtesy of Kacie Delmo

“If you’ve ever experienced a toothache, a broken tooth or pain with a tooth, then you know it can be a really bad situation. However, emergency rooms are just not able to assist dental patients adequately. This is why we all, during normal times, have easy access to dentists.”

Dr. Pruitt, Vestavia Family Dentistry

On April 3rd, Governor Kay Ivey issued a statewide stay-at-home order for all of Alabama. Although the order lasts through April 30th, it does not apply to people in need of essential and urgent health care.

However if you have a dental emergency, going to the emergency room at the hospital is not a good choice. Even in normal times, emergency rooms are not properly equipped to handle dental patients. And now, emergency rooms need to be reserved for COVID-19 and other health emergencies—not dental emergencies.

“The Governor’s office and Health Departments asked us to be available to take care of patients. In addition, we help alleviate the strain that would be created by dental patients showing up at already overburdened emergency rooms.”

Dr. Pruitt, Vestavia Family Dentistry

Dentist Offices for Dental Emergencies

If you have a dental issue, you can send a text to Vestavia Family Dentistry & Magic City Dentistry and the doctors will take a look at it and give you their feedback. Photo courtesy of Dr. Pruitt. 

“Anyone that went into the profession of dentistry did it for one reason and one reason only, and that is to help people. In the past two weeks, I’ve had several patients drive 3 hours to our office with a dental emergency because they couldn’t find a dentist that was opened where they lived.”

Dr. Pruitt, Vestavia Family Dentistry

In order to help alleviate the strain on emergency rooms, Dr. Pruitt and Dr. Sollenberger of Vestavia Family Dentistry and Magic City Dentistry decided to keep their offices open. They currently have suspended cleanings, routine restorative dentistry, implants, dermal fillers, Botox, teeth whitening or any cosmetic procedures. Essentially, they pivoted all of their resources to become dental emergency rooms in order to focus directly on assisting patients with urgent care needs and emergency dental needs.

During these critical times, both Magic City Dentistry and Vestavia Family Dentistry are offering out to the community free dental examinations and x-rays. Afterwards, they can determine if the problem needs immediate attention or if it can wait.

In addition to expanded hours, the Alabama Department of Public Health has encouraged dentists to offer virtual consultations to their patients. Here’s how it works:

  • First, take a few clear photos of the pain point (tooth, gums, etc.) with your phone.
  • Next, text your name and the photo to Dr. Pruitt at 205.765.6061 and describe the issue.
  • Finally, Dr. Pruitt will inspect the photo and determine if a need for urgent care may exist.

Doing Their Part to Help

Dr. Pruitt about to treat an emergency patient in their surgical suite. Photo courtesy of Vestavia Family Dentistry

“My focus now is to stay healthy, and to be a positive impact to those around me. The last two weeks of taking care of patients that are so appreciative and thankful that we were there for them in their time of need makes me so proud to be a dentist. I am deeply blessed that I am in a profession that allows me to be a small part of the solution at this time.”

Dr. Pruitt, Vestavia Family Dentistry
  • Magic City Dentistry
    • Address: 2117 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Vestavia Family Dentistry
    • Address: 2816 Columbiana Rd, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216

“What I do know is that we will all get through this moment in life. I am a very optimistic person and I feel that we are getting closer and closer everyday to returning to normal. Meanwhile, my hope is that everyone will be safe and continue to do their part and stay healthy until the Covid-19 virus is under control.”

Dr. Pruitt, Vestavia Family Dentistry
Dr. Pruitt and his team are here and ready if you need them. Photo courtesy of Jessica Robertson

Magic City Dentistry and Vestavia Family Dentistry are open and here for you in this time of need. If you’re worrying about a dental issue, simply reach out to Dr. Pruitt and Dr. Sollenberger—they’ll take it from there.

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