Urgent Dental Care offered by Magic City Dentistry and Vestavia Family Dentistry


Magic City Dentistry and Vestavia Family Dentistry go above and beyond to foster a safe environment. Photo courtesy of Vestavia Family Dentistry

Just because we’re quarantined doesn’t mean that the need for dentists has magically gone away. Toothaches, broken teeth, and other emergency dental situations still exist—that’s why Vestavia Family Dentistry and Magic City Dentistry have stepped up to fill that need.

The Need for Dentists

Magic City Dentistry is located in the heart of downtown Birmingham. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

If you’ve ever experienced a toothache, broken tooth or other pain in your mouth, you know it’s not a fun situation. However, seeking care at the emergency room is not the right call—especially now.

First of all, emergency rooms are not equipped to handle dental patients adequately. And second, their resources are stretched thin as they’re dealing with COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

So what should you do if you’re suffering from pain in your mouth? Well, that’s where a couple of local dentist practices have stepped up to the plate.

Alleviating the Strain on Emergency Rooms

Graphic courtesy of Vestavia Family Dentistry

Following recommendations from the Alabama Department of Public Health and more, Birmingham’s Magic City Dentistry and Vestavia Family Dentistry have decided to remain open and accessible to the public. By offering their services and expanding their daily hours as needed, these two local dentist offices hope to alleviate any dental-related strain on emergencies rooms.

In the past three days, they’ve treated seven emergency patients—a broken tooth, severe tooth pain, an infected tooth that kept the patient up for two nights, and even a dental trauma case where the patient fell and broke two front teeth. These patients could have taken up space at the hospital—instead, they found expert treatment at Vestavia Family Dentistry and Magic City Dentistry.

“They have asked that dentists concentrate on emergency, urgent and mandatory dental needs and to do our best to prevent pain from occurring in our patients.”

Dr. Pruitt, Vestavia Family Dentistry

Free and Virtual Consultations

“I am proud to say that our offices have always met and exceeded all OSHA and CDC guidelines and regulations. Now more than ever, we will continue to go above and beyond, and foster an environment in which our patient’s safety and that of our entire dental team is our utmost priority.”

Dr. Pruitt, Vestavia Family Dentistry

In an effort to save time and resources, both Magic City Dentistry and Vestavia Family Dentistry are offering FREE examinations and x-rays to patients. Afterwards, they can determine if the problem needs immediate attention or if it can wait.

In addition to expanded hours, the Alabama Department of Public Health has encouraged dentists to offer virtual consultations to their patients. Here’s how it works:

  • First, take a few clear photos of the pain point (tooth, gums, etc.) with your phone.
  • Next, text your name and the photo to Dr. Pruitt at 205.765.6061 and describe the issue.
  • Finally, Dr. Pruitt will inspect the photo and determine if a need for urgent care may exist.

If you have dental pain—don’t worry

“I am doing everything that I can to stay healthy, to be a positive impact to those around me including my family, friends, employees and patients and to just take deep breaths, stay smart and informed and know that we will all get through this moment in life.”

Dr. Pruitt, Vestavia Family Dentistry
  • Magic City Dentistry
    • Address: 2117 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Vestavia Family Dentistry
    • Address: 2816 Columbiana Rd, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216

Magic City Dentistry and Vestavia Family Dentistry are open and here for you in this time of need. If you’re worrying about a dental issue, simply reach out to Dr. Pruitt and Dr. Sollenberger—they’ll take it from there.

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