The Town of Spectre: Adventures with Adamson Ep. 1


Town of Spectre
Abandonded movie set? Check. Sweet ride to get there? Double-check.

Did you know there’s a movie set on an island in the Alabama River that was abandoned after shooting wrapped on a blockbuster film? We wanted to check it out for ourselves, and our friends over at Adamson Ford got us there in style. Come tag along on our latest adventure!

Welcome to Spectre

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The Town of Spectre is an abandoned movie set in Elmore County, AL. It was left behind after shooting wrapped on Tim Burton’s 2003 film Big Fish. Spectre is located on Jackson Lake Island, a private island on the Alabama River about 10 miles northwest of Montgomery.

Today, several of the buildings are still standing. We went to check it out—watch the video above to get an inside look.

We’re Cooking Up Something Cool

H46A4360 The Town of Spectre: Adventures with Adamson Ep. 1
Not a bad workday, if you ask us. Photo via Beth Cunningham for Bham Now

We teamed up with Adamson Ford to kick off a new series, Adventures with Adamson. Each month, we’re going to be taking you along to some of the coolest spots within a couple of hours of downtown Birmingham.

These road trips will double as test drives for different models available over at Adamson Ford. They’ve been serving Birmingham for over 100 years, so we know they’ll hook us up.

Keep an eye out every month for the newest installment and be sure to share with your road trip crew—these are day trips you’re not going to want to miss.

This Month’s Road Trip

Town of Spectre
Don’t forget your pic by the sign! Photo by Beth Cunningham for Bham Now

In addition to the movie set, Jackson Lake Island also offers great spots to fish and picnic. Guests can overnight camp in tents or RVs, and easy access to the Alabama River means great kayaking, canoeing, or boating.

Want to go visit for yourself? Here are the details:

  • You can either enter “Jackson Lake Island” into your GPS, or just Cypress Ln. Millbrook, Alabama.
  • Before entering, you’ll pull up to a gate where you pay in an envelope and then call to get the code to enter, so bring cash.
  • Day passes are $3 per person, and children 2 years old and under are free.
  • Camping overnight is $10/person per night and $5 for children 10 years and younger.
  • Town of Spectre
  • Town of Spectre goats
  • Town of Spectre
  • Town of Spectre
  • Town of Spectre
  • Town of Spectre
  • Town of Spectre

I was obviously A 👏FAN 👏 of the island’s residents. The goats were a surprise to me, and the baby goats were an even happier one. Especially because I got to hold one. See above for photo evidence.

The whole island is covered in gorgeous Spanish moss and the look of the buildings plays into the feeling that you’ve stepped into a different time.

The Car: 2020 Ford Escape

Town of Spectre
Road trip ready. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

This month, Adamson Ford hooked us up with a 2020 Ford Escape. This 5-seater SUV was perfect for our day trip, with plenty of room to load up whatever you’re taking with you. For some, maybe a picnic or fishing poles. For us, camera equipment.

I got to drive the Escape from Birmingham to Spectre, and it was one of the smoothest rides I’ve been in. We took a hybrid and averaged 37.4 MPG, which had me ready to trade in my current ride.

The GPS on the dash was super convenient for our road trip needs, as was the Apple CarPlay that allowed us to dial into our team conference call.

Have an Adventure of Your Own

H46A4361 The Town of Spectre: Adventures with Adamson Ep. 1
Closed-toes shoes recommended for exploring. Photo via Beth Cunningham for Bham Now

If you’re gearing up for your next adventure, the great folks down at Adamson Ford are ready to get you there. Whether you need a new car, a tune-up or anything in-between, they’ve got you covered.

And YES, they’re open. Adamson Ford is actively taking steps to keep their staff and customers safe. They’re also offering home pick-ups and deliveries for their customers. Give them a call at (205) 271-4700 to schedule an appointment today.

Be sure to follow Bham Now on Instagram and Facebook to stay tuned for next month’s Adventure with Adamson!

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