Do you have Birmingham’s grumpiest cat? You could win $100 for charity.

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Adam (left) is a 1.5-year-old male hanging out with Kitty Kat Haven and Rescue. The equally unimpressed cat on the right is MeowMeow—read on for all the details on her.

Grumpy cats are a favorite in the world of the internet. We found Birmingham’s 7 grumpiest cats—the best news? They’re all adorable and adoptable. Read on to meet them and to find out how you could win $100 to the animal rights nonprofit of your choice!

Meet MeowMeow

Anyone remember Grumpy Cat? Tardar Sauce, the original internet sensation, sadly went to kitty heaven in May 2019. However, a new superstar emerged in early 2020—MeowMeow. This unhappy feline lives in Portland, OR and currently has over 17K followers on Instagram.

We scoured local animal shelters and rescues for the grumpiest cats, and we were not disappointed. Meet 7 of Birmingham’s most disgruntled kitties.

Do you have a grumpy cat of your own? Head over to our Facebook page March 12-13 and enter a photo of your cantankerous kitten for the chance to win $100 donation to the local animal rights nonprofit of your choice.


Your new guard cat. Photo via Kitty Kat Haven and Rescue

2—Scared Jax

Don’t let the name scare you. Photo via Shelby Humane


Loves blankets and will defintiely love you. Photo via Greater Birmingham Humane Society


So regal. Photo via Kitty Kat Haven and Rescue


If Moe had opposable thumbs, he would defintiely twirl his mustache. Photo via Shelby Humane


For when you want a cuddle buddy but also a worthy staring contest opponent. Photo via Greater Birmingham Humane Society


Hello darkness, my old friend. Photo via Steel City Cat Rescue
  • Female
  • Approx. 9 years old
  • Available through Steel City Cat Rescue
  • Adopt me here

Turn a Frown Upside-Down

Of course, we know our Birmingham shelters are wonderful and treat their fluffy residents with the utmost care. However, smiles always come easier in furever homes.

Adopt a fluffy friend today and change two lives for the better—your new fur baby’s as well as your own.

Don’t miss out on your chance to win $100 for your favorite animal rights nonprofit—enter on our Facebook!

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