6 local startups compete for $150K at Alabama Launchpad 2020 on Feb. 27


Finalists discussing their startups at Alabama Launchpad. Photo via EDPA

Alabama’s next wave of entrepreneurs will compete for part of $150K in funding at the Alabama Launchpad 2020 Cycle 1 finale on February 27. Meet these six emerging startups and don’t forget to apply for Cycle 2 of Alabama Launchpad 2020! Applications close March 2.

On the Search for Alabama’s Next First

Alabama Launchpad winners Truspin. Photo courtesy of EDPA

Did you know that Alabama Launchpad is the largest early-stage seed fund investor in the state? Since 2006, Alabama Launchpad has invested $5.3 million in 90 Alabama startups. Now, these companies are valued at more than $325 million–I’d say that’s a pretty good return!

Alabama Launchpad is more than just an investment firm. In addition to offering startup money, Alabama Launchpad mentors Alabama’s most promising entrepreneurs.

As a project of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, Alabama Launchpad is dedicated to fostering “Alabama’s Next First.” Just as Huntsville shined during the space race, Alabama Launchpad is encouraging Alabama entrepreneurs to create the next big thing.

6 emerging companies competing in Alabama Launchpad

Seed Stage – competing for $100K

1. Boulo Solutions

Alabama Launchpad contestant
Several members of Boulo Solutions. Photo via Boulo Solutions on Facebook

Contact: 205.543.8058| Website | Email | Facebook | Instagram

Keeping on top of your career goals as a stay-at-home mom is difficult. However, Boulo Solutions is dedicated to help these moms get back into the work force. Boulo Solutions offers a network of companies with flexible part-time and contract work for moms who have gaps in their resumes or can’t work a typical 9-5 job.

“Boulo was born because we saw the business need for professional talent without full-time overhead and moms aching to get back to the careers they had worked hard to develop. By matching these two groups, we see mother’s re-gaining confidence in their professional selves, money going back into the economy and businesses filling seats and achieving goals.”

Delphine Carter, CEO, Boulo Solutions

For more information, check out our previous article about Boulo Solutions!

2. Cerflux

Cerflux leadership at Alabama Launchpad. Photo via EDPA

Contact: Website | Email | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Cerflux is a Birmingham-based biotech company working tirelessly to crush cancer. Since cancer treatment is not a one-size-fits-all deal, Cerflux is developing personalized medicine technology to determine which treatments might work for each individual patient. 

Cerflux previously won $50,000 in the concept stage from Alabama Launchpad in 2019.

3. Moxie

Alabama Launchpad contestant
Moxie’s team of engineers brought this robotic dexapod (robot with 6 degrees of movement) to life. Photo via Moxie

Contact: Website | Email | Facebook | Instagram

Moxie‘s team of expert engineers sets themselves apart by producing custom-designed IoT solutions for their clients in 60 days or less. IoT stands for “Internet of Things”–put simply, it is a network of interconnected objects that can absorb and exchange data. Each of Moxie’s projects happens in-house–no middle-man involved. For example, Moxie is working to make steel and aluminum manufacturing safer and more efficient via IoT technology.

Concept Stage – competing for $50K

1. Acclinate Genetics

Alabama Launchpad contestant
Photo via Acclinate Genetics on Facebook

Contact: 256.435.2800 | Website | Email | Facebook | LinkedIn

This Huntsville-based firm is dedicated to expanding diversity in genetic studies. Since the sample in many genetic studies is not representative of the population, Acclinate Genetics helps bio-pharmaceutical companies expand their studies and clinical trials to include diverse ethnic groups.

2. Pure Game Sports Network

Contact: 205.352.9952 | Website | Email | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

If you want to watch college or professional sports online, where do you go? Probably ESPN. However, ESPN doesn’t cover local high school sports. That’s where Pure Game Sports Network excels. In addition to their website, Pure Game Sports Network has an app and individual pages for each participating school. Pure Game Sports Network is a one-stop-shop for everyone looking to keep up with local Alabama high school sports.

3. Smart Solutions

Meet Kevin Braswell – Smart Solutions from Kevin Braswell on Vimeo.

Contact: Website | Email | Facebook | Twitter

Smart Solutions is an Alabama-based company that develops smart products for persons with physical disabilities, elderly individuals and their caretakers. Their software product, Smart Care, integrates with smart home devices in order to promote independent living. In simple terms–Smart Care will allow its user to easily control their home from their smart device.

In fact, Smart Solutions has teamed up with United Ability to open doors and enrich the lives of Alabamians with disabilities.

“As someone who has experienced temporary paralysis, I have felt that pain point our clients live with. Our population is extremely underserved from a product and service perspective. We do what we do because of who we are and firm belief that with technology, your only limitation is your imagination!”

Kevin Braswell, CEO, Smart Solutions

Apply for Alabama Launchpad 2020 Cycle 2

Previous winners of Alabama Launchpad. Photo courtesy of Alabama Launchpad

Interested in participating in the 2nd Cycle of Alabama Launchpad 2020?

There are several reasons to participate in Alabama Launchpad. For a small $150 application fee, your startup will receive feedback from Alabama’s most experienced entrepreneurs. During the process, your startup will meet previous winners, business leaders and investors.

The deadline to apply for Cycle 2 of Alabama Launchpad is March 2, so make sure to fill out your application. Apply now.

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