Boulo Solutions, a Birmingham start-up, is connecting stay-at-home-moms with job opportunities

Boulo Solutions founder Delphine Carter working from a coffee shop. Doesn’t this look like a divine workspace? (Photo via Boulo Instagram)

Birmingham based start up Boulo Solutions is helping local stay-at-home-moms get back to work. By offering a network to connect with part-time or contract work, the company gives these moms the ability to re-establish career goals while maintaining the ever important work/life balance. And they are KILLING IT, y’all!

The ladies of Boulo Solutions are helping Birmingham stay-at-home-moms find the right work for them! (Graphic via Boulo Solutions website)

Boulo—empowering moms to re-enter the workforce  

Boulo founders Delphine Carter, a mom of two, and Catherine Gregory, also a mom of two, started the company in 2018. They saw a need in Birmingham to connect stay-at-home-moms to work that fit their schedules, and also a need within the business environment for short-term and workers.

Co-founder of Boulo Solutions Delphine Carter works with a client on her resume. (Photo submitted)

“A lot of women are trying to find that balance between work and showing up at their kids sporting events at, say, 4 PM,” said Carter. “And many of these women are the talent of the talent in our community. The ones that have spent their most of their lives being incredibly successful and then felt they had to table their career when they had kids.”

This is something that both women understood on a personal and professional level.

The founders of Boulo, Catharine Gregory (left) and Delphine Carter at an interest meeting. (Photo submitted)

“As a mom, Catharine identified with not being able to find work to meet her needs and let her put family first. I also identified with that,” said Carter. “Also, when I worked at Daxco—it was often hard to find the right part-time employees to complete projects, especially short-term intensive projects.”

Since Mid-2018, they’ve helped over 130 women find part-time work to help reintegrate them into the workforce. By working with businesses in the Birmingham area, they connect these educated, capable women to work that works for them.

Vetting Process at Boulo

At Boulo, candidates are vetted to make sure they meet requirements they’ve established for the businesses they work with. What are those markers? Carter says they are looking for women with undergraduate degrees that have a minimum of 3-5 years work experience before they left the workforce.

Catharine Gregory, co-founder of Boulo, at an interest meeting. (Photo submitted)

“We do go through a significant vetting process to make sure that we are connecting the right women to the right jobs, and that we provide value to the companies that work with us,” said Carter.

Types of roles in demand

Carter said that most of the women they work with are looking for part-time roles, mostly during “prime-time hours”  from 9 AM to 3 PM. Others, do contract-to-contract work that work for their schedules.

“We connect women with the jobs that work for them, finding the best match for the individual and the company,” said Carter. This helps both to reach their highest potential.”

Co-founder Delphine Carter at an interest coffee for Boulo Solutions. (Photo submitted)

Jobs in demand for the ladies at Boulo

These roles are Hot! Hot! Hot!:

  • Bookkeepers
  • Accountants
  • Marketing professionals
  • Project management

What’s Next for Boulo?

Carter says they hope have a shared workspace for their clients to work from and collaborate with each other. From there, the company wants to expand to other cities in the Southeast.

“We strive to let these women know that this is a safe place for them to regain traction in their careers. We hope to one day add a shared working space so that we can continue that overall discussion and continue to champion that idea,” said Carter.

For more information, be sure to attend an interest meeting. They hold them often in various parts of town. Contact them via the Boulo Solutions website or Facebook Page for more information.

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