5 spots to grab a luscious hot chocolate in Birmingham

Birmingham, Red Cat Cafe, hot chocolate, drinks, warm drinks, chocolate
Life is better with marshmallows. Photo via @catsofredcat on Instagram

Is the cold, gray weather of winter making you crave something hot and delicious? Warm your insides with a hot chocolate from these five spots in Birmingham.

Chocolata Artisanal Chocolatier

Birmingham, Chocalata Chocolatier, sipping chocolate, hot chocolate, hot cocoa, drinks, warm drinks, chocolate
Have you tried sipping chocolate mix? Photo via Chocalata Chocolatier

Want to create the perfect hot chocolate at home? Check out Chocalata Artisanal Chocolatier’s sipping chocolate mix and hot cocoa mix.

Wondering what the difference between sipping chocolate mix and hot cocoa mix? No worries, I asked myself the same question. Luckily, thanks to this guide, we will both know the answer. 

Sipping chocolate mix is made with pure chocolate—not cocoa powder. Because of this, it is a thick and rich chocolate drink that is perfect for… you guessed it! Sipping. 

Birmingham, Chocalata Chocolatier, sipping chocolate, hot chocolate, hot cocoa, drinks, warm drinks, chocolate
Hot Cocoa Mix. Photo via Chocalata Chocolatier

Hot cocoa mix, on the other hand, is a dry mix that is dairy free. This means you can mix it the traditional way with milk and cream or with a dairy-free substitute. 

The hot cocoa mix sold at Chocolata is made with:

  • High-quality pure cocoa powder from Ecuador
  • 72% dark chocolate
  • Pure cane sugar
  • Spices

Both sipping chocolate and hot cocoa mix can be found at Chocolata Artisanal Chocolatier for $15.95 each. 

Address: 1927 2nd Avenue North, Birmingham Alabama 35203
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 11AM-6PM | Friday 11AM-8PM | Saturday 11AM-3PM

Urban Standard

Birmingham, Urban Standard, hot chocolate, warm drinks, hot drinks
Watch it drip! Photo via Urban Standard on Facebook

Urban Standard is a popular spot in Birmingham. Not only do they help fuel the caffeine buzz of locals with their delicious coffees, but they also offer simple and delicious food items in a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Their hot chocolate is also the perfect choice to nuzzle your insides on a chilly day.

Order a small for $3.25 or a large for $3.75.

Address: 2320 2nd Ave N., Birmingham, AL 35203
Hours: Monday-Friday 7AM-6PM | Saturday 8AM-6PM

Over Easy

Birmingham, Over Easy, hot chocolate, drinks, warm drinks, chocolate
Hot chocolate at Over Easy in Birmingham. Photo via @elizabeth_williams on Instagram

Heading out for breakfast? Be sure to wash it down with something warm and sweet.

Over Easy serves steaming mugs of hot chocolate. And as I’m sure you know, chocolate goes well with everything.

The best part—it comes with lots of whipped cream!

Order it for $3.50.

Where: 358 Hollywood Blvd., Birmingham, AL 35209
Hours: Monday-Thursday 6AM-1PM | Friday 6AM-2PM | Saturday-Sunday 7AM-2PM

The Red Cat Coffee House

Birmingham, Red Cat Cafe, hot chocolate, drinks, warm drinks, chocolate
Beauty in ever delicious bite. Photo via @catsofredcat on Instagram

When seeking a steaming cup of hot chocolate that will make you say mmm!, The Red Cat Coffee House is a top contender. 

This tasty beverage is made with rich dark chocolate and just a hint of vanilla.

When ordering, be sure to ask for a dollop of their homemade whipped cream topping, a chocolate drizzle or marshmallows. You won’t regret it!

Order a small (12 ounces) for $3 or a large (16 ounces) for $3.50.

Address: Railroad Park 1701 1st Ave S., Birmingham, AL 35233; Pepper Place 2901 2nd Ave S., Birmingham, AL 35233
Hours: Railroad Park – Monday-Saturday 7AM-8PM, Sunday 8AM-2PM; Pepper Place – Monday-Friday 7AM-6PM, Saturday 7AM-2PM

Innova Coffee

Birmingham, Innova Coffee, hot chocolate
Every unicorn needs a hot chocolate. Photo via Innova Coffee on Facebook

Craving hot chocolate? Then check the “not Coffee” items on the menu at Innova Coffee. 

Made with delicious chocolate syrup and steamed milk, it can be perfectly paired with one of the shops must-try pastries, cookies or other food items. 

Order it for $3.75.

Address: 4700 Colonnade Pkwy Birmingham, AL 35243
Monday-Friday 6:30AM-5PM | Saturday 7AM-3PM

Who else serves amazing hot chocolate in Birmingham? Tell us your favorite places!

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