New business alert! Cahaba Cruisers imports international adventure vehicles to Birmingham


Cameron Eaton (left) and Tison Barganier (right) are heading up this new company. Photo via Cahaba Cruisers

Birmingham business expands every day in this Magic City of opportunity. Two local entrepreneurs are launching their latest venture—Cahaba Cruisers is coming to Birmingham! Keep reading to check it out.

Cahaba Cruisers is All About the Journey

Photo via Cahaba Cruisers

Cahaba Cruisers makes your journey just as exciting as your destination.

This Birmingham-based import and sales company focuses on collectible and vintage four-wheel-drive adventure trucks and wagons.

Cahaba Cruisers seeks out the best conditioned, lowest mileage unique four-wheel-drive vehicles, and makes those premium vehicles available to adventure travelers and collectors. 

Why These Vehicles?

Photo via Cahaba Cruisers

That was my question, too. What makes these particular vehicles so special?

Well, it’s pretty simple. They’re not available in the North American market. Cahaba Cruisers imports from all over the world, and they attract buyers from all over the country.

Although their clients were originally based in Birmingham, they’ve expanded their sales to many different regions—from California to Vermont.

Photo via Cahaba Cruisers

“We originally imported a couple of Toyota Land Cruisers for our personal use, but had so much fun during the process that we decided to turn it into a business. 

We found there was a high demand from collectors and enthusiasts for unique, quality vehicles, but very little supply.”

Cameron Eaton, Co-Founder, Cahaba Cruisers

Birmingham is a Prime Market for New Business

Photo via Cahaba Cruisers

Of course, Birmingham’s hospitality to new business is no secret. However, launching your own company is always a risk.

In any city, starting a new business is hard work—and importing goods is another field entirely. When asked about the process, the founders remarked that it is extremely difficult to get involved with and master importing. There are lots of regulations and procedures that often change without explanation. 

However, they found a positive atmosphere in Birmingham. Not only do both founders live here and love the city—Birmingham also has a large base of collectors and enthusiasts for unique hard-to-find vehicles. 

Meet the Men Behind the Wheels

Photo via Cahaba Cruisers

Cameron Eaton and Tison Barganier have been in business together for years now. In fact, this is their fourth joint business venture.

The thing that keeps them going? Trust.

“We trust each others instincts when evaluating risks.”

Tison Barganier, Co-Founder, Cahaba Cruisers

Want to learn more? Check out their website to read all about the perfect Christmas gift for your favorite adventurer.

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