Birmingham’s Regions Harbert Plaza is getting a $3 million makeover. Get details and see renderings of the inside!

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A stunning view of Birmingham’s second-tallest skyscraper. Photo via Regions Harbert Plaza

One of Birmingham’s most recognizable skyscrapers is getting a facelift! Read on to learn what big changes are in store for Regions Harbert Plaza in 2020.

1. Say Hello to 1901 Sixth Avenue

Regions Harbert Plaza
Say hello to 1901 Sixth Avenue! Photo via Regions Harbert Plaza

2019 is the year for new names. Remember when Wells Fargo removed their sign from their tower at 420 20th Street North? Now that Shipt is taking over the old Wells Fargo tower, Wells Fargo is moving their office to the 32-story Regions Harbert Plaza.

In light of the new tenant and the upcoming renovations, the building will now be known as… drumroll please… the 1901 Sixth Avenue building!

2. $3 Million Invested

Regions Harbert Plaza
The 1901 Sixth Avenue building among Birmingham’s skyline. Photo via Regions Harbert Plaza

The 1901 Sixth Avenue building is leaping into 2020 with their best foot forward. NKP Alabama Acquisition and SL Regions Acquisition are investing nearly $3 million into renovations.

Since its construction in 1989, no renovation have been made. However, that is about to change. Williams Blackstock Architects designed the new floor-plan, and the renovations are led by Rives Construction.

The team expects to complete the renovation by August/September, 2020.

3. Big Plans for the Lobby

Regions Harbert Plaza
The new lobby will feature a hip new casual meeting area. Photo via Regions Harbert Plaza

Part of the investment from NKP Alabama Acquisition and SL Regions Acquisition will be used for renovations to the main floor. The updated design will offer a warm and welcoming environment for all. 

Here’s a closer look at the changes:

  • The new design centers around warm white colors, indirect lighting and light wood textures.
  • In order to make better use of the square footage, the current mezzanine will be removed.
  • The center of the main floor features a new open seating area with glass walls that can serve as a space for informal meetings. 
The new design will completely modernize the 1901 Sixth Avenue building. Photo via Regions Harbert Plaza

Additionally, the main floor will host a retail service provider and three unique food concepts.

“This renovation will completely change the entire look, feel and experience of the ground floor retail area for the building. The space will have an updated, modern and bright feel. We are creating warm and inviting spaces to work, eat and relax for our tenants and visitors.”

Casey Howard, Vice President and Broker at Harbert Retail

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