Dressing vs. stuffing? Here’s where to find this popular Thanksgiving side dish in Birmingham.

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Which dish will you be digging into this Thanksgiving? Photo via @glutenfreepalate

The countdown to Thanksgiving is on, which means it’s time for the biggest and oldest food debate to grace the table—dressing versus stuffing. Read on to find out if there’s truly a different between the two terms, plus some delicious spots in Birmingham where you can order it.

Although I was born to Northern parents in Massachusetts, since I’ve lived in Alabama from a young age, the only name I’ve ever really known for this beloved side dish is dressing.

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I’m already full looking at what’s to come this Thanksgiving. Photo via Patience Itson for Bham Now

Thanks to my Southern grandma who made sure the dressing was made each year, the dish has been my all-time favorite Thanksgiving food since I can remember. It was also one of the most drama-filled dishes to grace my family’s Thanksgiving menu year after year. 

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Some of my cousins and I during a Thanksgiving Fam Jam. Photo via Patience Itson for Bham Now

Why, you ask? While there are many steps involved in making dressing, some of which stretch out over a handful of days (yes, I’m talking about drying out that cornbread!), the reason it was always an issue in my family was this: my grandma always forgot to put it in the oven on time. The result? A group of hungry relatives rolling our eyes and cursing the dressing. But was it worth the wait each and every year? Absolutely!

The Difference Between Dressing and Stuffing?

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Smell the dressing goodness. Photo via Meals by Misty on Facebook

When it comes down to it, there aren’t many differences between the two terms. 

According to most dictionaries, stuffing is a mixture used to stuff another food before cooking—a.k.a., Mr. Turkey. 

Dressing, on the other hand, is cooked in a pan outside of the turkey cavity. The only stuffing involved here is stuffing it into your eagerly awaiting mouth. Yum!

But if you consider the ingredients listed above, stuffing sounds pretty similar. The only real difference to consider is that dressing typically includes cornbread, while stuffing often veers toward sandwich bread, baguettes and other similar items. 

What does all this mean? It doesn’t matter what ingredients you use, what steps you take or whether or not it’s stuffed inside a bird. The difference between dressing and stuffing is actually based on the region in which you live. Gasp!

In the battle of dressing versus stuffing, which came first? 

The winner is… stuffing.

According to history.com, the word term dressing first appeared in the 1850s when Victorians decided it was higher on the classy meter. The South followed suit and embraced the word new term, while the North stuck with the original “stuffing.”

So, if you grew up in or around Birmingham, chances are you probably use the term dressing.

Order Your Cornbread Dressing Now!

In keeping with Southern tradition, here are five spots where you can order pre-made cornbread dressing around Birmingham before Thanksgiving. But be sure to order in advance!

Ashley Mac’s

Birmingham, Ashley Mac's, Thanksgiving, food, meals, dressing, cornbread, stuffing
Beautiful and delicious. Photo via Ashley Mac’s on Facebook

Address: 3147 Green Valley Rd., Birmingham, AL 35243 (205.822.4142); 5299 Valleydale Rd., Birmingham, AL 35242 (205.346.6168); 4730 Chace Cir., Hoover, AL 35244 (205.259.5044); 1831 28th Ave S., Homewood, AL 35209 (205.582.0062)
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10:30AM-7:30PM; Sat. 10:30AM-5PM
Order Deadline: Mon., Nov. 25 (Place 48 hours in advance to guarantee availability.)
Call to place order

Irondale Cafe

Address: 1906 1st Ave N., Irondale, AL 35210
Hours: Sun.-Fri., 11AM-2:30PM
Contact: 205.956.5258
Order: No pre-order necessary. Drop in anytime!

Homewood Gourmet

Birmingham, Homewood Gourmet, Thanksgiving, meals, food, cornbread, dressing, stuffing
What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? Photo via Homewood Gourmet on Facebook

Address: 1919 28th Ave S., Homewood, AL 35209
Hours: Mon.-Fri. – 10:30AM-7PM; Sat. – 10:30AM-5PM
Order: Call 205.871.1620 or email
Pickup Date: On or before Wed., Nov. 27

Iz Cafe

Address: 2514 Rocky Ridge Rd., Vestavia, AL 35243
Hours: Mon.-Fri. –7AM-8PM; Sat. – 8AM-6PM
Contact: 205.979.7570
Order Deadline: Accepting orders until sold out.
Pickup Date: Wed., Nov. 27 – 10AM-4PM

Meals by Misty

Birmingham, Trussville, Meals by Misty, Thanksgiving, cornbread, dressing, stuffing, food
Get all your pre-made Thanksgiving dishes at Meals by Misty in Trussville, AL. Photo via Meals by Misty on Facebook

Address: 108 Waterson Pkwy., Trussville, AL 35173
Mon.-Fri. – 9AM-7PM; Sat. – 9AM-3PM
Contact: 205.508.5993
Order Deadline:
Friday, Nov. 22
Pickup Date:
Wed., Nov. 27 by 2PM
Order Here

Where’s the Stuffing? 

IMG 4246 Dressing vs. stuffing? Here's where to find this popular Thanksgiving side dish in Birmingham.
How much stuffing can you eat? Photo via @delightful_diys

So, you’re a stuffing fan? Well, that is pretty hard to come by. I scoured many local menus offering pre-made Thanksgiving dishes and all came up empty on the term “stuffing.” 

If you’re like my sister who will always choose stuffing over dressing, consider doing this: get in your car, go to your nearest grocery store and buy your very own box of Stove Top stuffing. In minutes you will have a bowl of steaming, fluffy stuffing that will make your insides smile. Plus, you’ll get to eat on time while the rest of the fam is sitting impatiently by waiting on the dressing to finish cooking. 

You can also visit Trader Joe’s for a box of their cornbread stuffing mix.

So tell us Birmingham. Is it dressing or stuffing? We’d love to know which side of the yearly Thanksgiving debate you are on.

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