Meet the team behind Iron City, Birmingham’s hip music venue + win tickets to Sister Hazel on Nov 23


DSCN2814 Meet the team behind Iron City, Birmingham's hip music venue + win tickets to Sister Hazel on Nov 23
Four of the team members at Iron City. Photo by Nathan Watson for BhamNow

If you’re a music lover in Birmingham, you’ve likely been to Iron City. However, a venue is only as good as the people behind the scenes. Meet a handful of the team that makes this music hotspot such a hit.

1. Jason Westbrook – Production Manager

Jason Westbrook of Iron City
Since he started at Iron City 7 years ago, Jason has evolved into a jack-of-all-trades. Photo via Nathan Watson for BhamNow

“Iron City does everything. One Friday night we had Slayer, followed by a wedding on Saturday and Marilyn Manson on a Sunday.”

Jason Westbrook, Production Manager, Iron City

Although Westbrook has worked at event venues across the country, Iron City is by far his favorite. Why? Because it’s not like going to a job—it’s going to an awesome place where he gets to meet new people every day.

One concert he’s really looking forward to is The Zombies on April 10, 2020. Remember that song Time of the Season? Yeah, that’s The Zombies!

“I used to work at clubs out in California and I never once met the owners,” said Westbrook. “Here at Iron City the owner, Steve DeMedicis, is really hands on and a great guy who just cares about the music.”

2. Brooke Garrison – Accounting and HR Manager

Brooke Garrison from Iron City
Fun fact: At 23, Brooke Garrison is the youngest manager at Iron City. Photo via Nathan Watson for BhamNow

Since she joined the Iron City family in 2018, Brooke Garrison has loved every day at work. Her favorite part of the job is getting to learn about new music every single day.

As a big country music fan, Garrison is looking forward to Mustache in concert on February 1, 2020. Mustache covers the biggest country hits of the 90s. If you love denim and mullets, this show is for you!

“Even when we don’t have concerts, there is always something going on at Iron City. No day is the same as the last day!”

Brooke Garrison, Accounting and HR Manager, Iron City

3. Ashley Thompson – Pastry Chef

Iron City
Even though Ashley is the star pastry chef at Iron City, she doesn’t really love cake! Photo via Nathan Watson for BhamNow

If you’ve ever enjoyed a tasty pastry at Iron City Grill, Ashley Thompson probably had something to do with it. Since Thompson has been at Iron City for nearly seven years, she is one of the OG team members.

Her favorite part of working at Iron City is getting to interact with the customers. Additionally, she loves the family atmosphere Iron City provides. Since her own family is out of state, she appreciates having one close to her at Iron City.

“Iron City changes daily and it’s so cool to see the venue transform from a wedding on Saturday night to a hard rock band on Sunday. We are so versatile!”

Ashley Thompson, Pastry Chef, Iron City

4. Joy Cornay – Marketing Director

Joy Cornay from Iron City
Joy is a HUGE fan of Hank Williams. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Although Joy Cornay has only been with Iron City for four months, she’s been a huge fan of the venue for years. Now, she’s the one in charge of promoting her favorite Birmingham venue.

Cornay’s favorite concert at Iron City was Underoath and Dance Gavin Dance in 2018. Now she’s looking forward to Hank Night on December 30.

Fun fact: Since Joy is a vegetarian, she eats her veggie burger upside-down because the bottom bun gets soggy. It’s a genius move!

“I love the venue so much that I’m having my wedding reception here next year!”

Joy Cornay, Marketing Director, Iron City

5. Jimmie Rodick – Artist Hospitality and Banquet Captain

Iron City
Jimmie Rodick. Photo via Nathan Watson for BhamNow

For the past four years, Rodick has been helping artists feel at home at Iron City. She also loves the family atmosphere, especially the “crazy uncles and moms” that make up the Iron City family.

As a punk-rock fan, Rodick is most looking forward to the Black Flag concert on January 29, 2020. And, when she takes a break from crushin’ it at Iron City, she teaches art to girls at Grace House Ministries.

“For every event, every meal, every show you see [at Iron City], there are so many people behind the scenes putting the pieces together to give you a memorable experience.”

Jimmie Rodick, Artist Hospitality and Banquet Captain, Iron City

Iron City Loves Birmingham

The team at Iron City gets goofy!
The Iron City family loves being goofy! Photo via Nathan Watson for BhamNow

Want to check out a concert at Iron City? Check out their calendar for their upcoming events.

And, if you’re looking to grab a bite, head on over to Iron City Grill. They recently reinvented their brunch menu and it is delicious!

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