How Carver High School transformed their cosmetology department


Sonya Pitts next to her new closets at Carver High School
Sonya Pitts stands next to her new closets in the Cosmetology classroom. Photo by Nathan Watson for BhamNow.

Although public school programs are often unable to purchase the amenities they need, donations are a great help. See how Closets by Design revolutionized the cosmetology program at Birmingham’s George W. Carver High school.

The cosmetology program at Carver High

DSCN2546 How Carver High School transformed their cosmetology department
In the cosmetology classroom, students can get hands-on experience . Photo by Nathan Watson for BhamNow.

“Cosmetology school can cost thousands of dollars. However, this program gets the kids ready. With a little more schooling at a junior college, they can test and get licensed.”

Sonya Pitts

As a 35-year veteran in the cosmetology industry, you could say Sonya Pitts knows a thing or two. However, her passion has always been teaching. George Washington Carver High School gave her the opportunity to do both, as the teacher of cosmetology.

The cosmetology program at Carver High is truly special. In the classroom, students can learn how to cut hair, do nails, pedicures, and more. Although they begin on mannequins, the students can work their way up to real hair. Eventually, the program aims to be a working salon where customers can come in for beauty appointments.

“The goal is to get the kids in a real work environment. Not everyone is going to college, and even those that do can use this skill to make money in college.”

Sonya Pitts

The need for storage

Closets being installed at Carver High School
Closets by Design personnel installing the closets at G.W. High. Photo by Sonya Pitts

However, Sonya ran into an issue while preparing for the school year. Although she was able to order quality supplies for the program, there was nowhere to put them! Since most classrooms only come with one closet, Sonya was at a loss.

“We really needed somewhere for books, the mannequins, the beauty products, towels, and pedicure products.”

Sonya Pitts

Then–Closets by Design offers a solution

Closets at Carver High School
The closet holds mannequins, aprons, books, and much more. Photo by Sonya Pitts

Suddenly, Sonya received a surprise call. Closets by Design offered to build and install closets in the cosmetology classroom–for FREE.

“So they came out and interviewed me to determine what we needed. We needed open shelving, some closed shelving I could lock, and somewhere to hang the smocks and aprons.”

Sonya Pitts

How the closets revolutionized the cosmetology program at Carver High School

Closets at Carver High School
The new closets are so space-efficient! Photo by Nathan Watson for BhamNow.

As someone used to chain barbershops, I was blown away by the quality of the George W. Carver High cosmetology classroom. The classroom looked a lot better than most professional barbershops I’ve been to!

The new, high-quality closets add to the level of professionalism that the cosmetology program offers.

  • Mannequins
  • Smocks, aprons, and towels
  • Curling irons, scissors, and office supplies
  • Nail care and pedicure products
  • Cleaning supplies

Want to learn more about Closets by Design?

Closets by Design example
Closets by Design knows how to maximize a small space. Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now.

Closets by Design is a national organization that designs, creates, and assembles custom-built organizational systems.

(Note that I said “organizational systems” and not “closets.”)

In addition to actual closets, Closets by Design can make nearly any organizational system for any space. For instance, they do home offices, media centers, garages, basements, and more.

Do you want Closets by Design to create your next storage space? You can find them at and 866.758.1967. Turn your dream space into a reality!

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