It’s D.I.Y. season in Birmingham—but maybe you shouldn’t take on home repairs alone

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Do-It-Yourself home repair may sound like a good idea, but sometimes it’s better to let a professional handle it. Photos via Home Inspection Repair

Fall is in full swing here in Birmingham, and you know what that means—D.I.Y. season. That independent go-getter spirit is common in the Magic City, but when it comes to home repair, “do it yourself” doesn’t always turn out the way you expect.

Maybe Don’t Do It Yourself

Video via America’s Funniest Home Videos on Youtube

Watching people hilariously fail at home improvement makes for a great video. However, I guarantee these people weren’t laughing when the got the bill to repair what they tried to “fix”.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or listing a home here in Birmingham, home inspection and subsequent repairs are a crucial step. Hiring a licensed home repair expert can save you time, money—and the humiliation of ending up as a viral sensation.

Call in the Pros

Enter Home Inspection Repair. They’re a local Birmingham business that actually knows what they’re doing when it comes to all things home. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or realtor, they’re going to get your home in tip-top shape—without ending up on YouTube.

These guys share the same quality subcontractors and vendors as one of our favorite homebuilders, Slate Barganier—so you know their work is going to be good.

How It Works

Sellers and Realtors—get curb appeal like this! Photos via Home Inspection Repair

Anyone who’s ever bought or sold a home probably gets a headache when they see the words “home inspection.”

For the last twenty or so years, home inspections have become routine.  After the home inspector has completed the inspection report, each party will need an accurate cost estimate for whatever repairs are necessary.

Who better to provide that repair estimate than a licensed homebuilder with a network of specialized subcontractors?

Home Inspection Repair is a 2-in-1. They not only provide you with a detailed repair estimate—but they also do the repairs quickly and correctly.

Realtors, Buyers, Sellers—Don’t Do It All Yourself

Don’t even get me started on windows. Please just call a pro for this one. Photos via Home Inspection Repair

Home Inspection Repair is making the job easier on everyone!


Your job has enough steps. Make this one a bit easier. Rather than you having to identify contractors, make multiple calls, schedule numerous appointments and price shop services, Home Inspection Repair will step in to help make sure every buying or selling experience is less stressful.

Lance Brown, with Home Inspection Repair, is incredibly helpful to my business and to my clients. His knowledge and expertise in giving a home buyer an estimate of repairs… helps us in negotiating the inspection request part of the home buying process.

Lance is honest, knowledgeable , and professional.  I highly recommend him.

Susie Denson, RealtySouth


We all know homes are a huge investment. Before you move into yours, make sure the repairs you’ve requested are being performed by competent and reliable people. 


You’ve done everything right to get your house sold.  You hired a good agent, you priced the property properly so the buyer can recognize the value.

There’s now only one thing between you and those beautiful and finalized signed papers: the inspection report.  Give yourself and your buyer the confidence of using a licensed contractor.

The Process

One of the more dangerous realms of home improvement. Put. Down. The. Nail. Gun. Photos via Home Inspection Repair

Home Inspection Repair is all about simplifying the work for everyone else. They even broke down their process into 7 easy steps!

#1—Select a licensed Home Inspector to perform an inspection on the property.

#2—Email the home inspection report to

#3—Set up an appointment for Home Inspection Repair to view the property so they may provide you a detailed estimate for the cost to repair the deficient items.

#4—At the consultation, they will collect a service fee of $149, and then proceed to provide you with a detailed estimate for the cost of the repairs. 

#5—Receive your detailed estimate, and negotiate the inspection repair per the terms of your sales contract.

#6—Schedule repairs with Home Inspection Repair. BONUS: If they perform construction repair services in excess of $500, they will apply a credit of $149 to the cost of repair services provided. 

#7—Enjoy the peace of mind that the home’s previous deficiencies have been repaired correctly by a licensed contractor.

Let the pros handle the repairs—contact Home Inspection Repair today! What’s your worst D.I.Y. story? Let us know on social @BhamNow

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