3 things you need to know about ALDOT’s partial 280 closure Friday the 13th

Cones for 280 closure
Traffic cones” by Sara. CC BY-ND 2.0

As long as the weather holds out, ALDOT plans to close part of 280 today for . . . you guessed it—road work.

The fun is scheduled to start at 10 AM on Friday, September 13 and finish by 3 PM the same day. Read on for all the details.

1—All work for the partial 280 closure should take place between 10AM and 3PM Friday, September 13th

Hopefully it’ll be a quick job that won’t disrupt traffic too much. But, to be on the safe side, leave a little extra time to get where you need to go if you’ll be on this stretch of 280 today.

2—At 10AM, the partial 280 closure will begin with the right two lanes from the I-459 interchange and Cahaba River bridge

After 459 on 280, the right two lanes will close up to the Cahaba River bridge
280 heading East toward I-459. Photo by Sharron Swain for Bham Now

The first bit of 280 that will close is between the I-459 interchange and the Cahaba River bridge (near Target). The two right-hand lanes will be closed for a while until they’re fixed.

3—Once that’s done, the small bit between Riverview Road and Cahaba River Road will close

There will be a partial closure on US 280 tomorrow
Traffic on US 280. Photo by Sharron Swain for Bham Now

For the second part of the road work, they’ll close the westbound lanes (I’m assuming not all of them since this is a pretty long stretch) from Riverview Road to Cahaba River Road.

As always, if you need more info, check out the Algo app.

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