Your ultimate guide to joining a league at Topgolf Birmingham. Register by October 4th! 

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Are you ready to join a league? Photo via Topgolf Birmingham

The Fall League Season is underway at Topgolf Birmingham and registration is officially open. If you’re looking for some fun, friends and a little competition, continue reading to learn everything you need to know about joining a league, plus how to enhance your golf skills. 

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Why Join a League at Topgolf Birmingham?

Thumbs up to an awesome game. Photo via Topgolf Birmingham

There are plenty of reasons to join the Fall League Season at Topgolf Birmingham, so I’ve concocted a quick list for you. Check it out:

  • You’ll get to hang out with friends and meet new ones.
  • You and your teammates will have the chance to compete for weekly prizes and title of League Champions.
  • The competition will pump you up.
  • It’s a great opportunity to improve your golf skills.
  • It’s fun!

Choose Which League is Right for You

Get ready to swing! Photo via Topgolf Birmingham

Before you can join a league at Topgolf Birmingham, you first have to decide which league to join. Luckily, there are just two choices:

2 Person Team Format*

Designed For: intermediate-advanced players
Team Capacity: 2 players
Minimum Age: 21

4-6 Person Team Format*

Designed For: beginner-intermediate players
Team Capacity: 4-6 players
Minimum Age: 21

*Note: Can join as a single. No need to bring a team. Keeping reading for details!

The game starts at the tee. Photo via Topgolf Birmingham

Each league season at Topgolf Birmingham runs for six weeks; top teams will compete in the playoffs for two additional weeks. 

Practice and game time take place every Monday night at the following times:

Practice: 6-7PM
League Play: 7PM

How to Register

Using skills at the tee. Photo via Topgolf Birmingham

Have you ever wanted to sign up for something, but the process was so complicated you quit halfway through? Yep, me too. Luckily, Topgolf Birmingham makes signing up for a league super easy.

There are two ways to register:

1. Register a Team

Already know some folks who are interested in joining a Topgolf Birmingham league? Then take charge and register your team.

2. Register as an Individual

Don’t have a team? No worries! Register as a “Free Agent” and Topgolf Birmingham will find a team for you. Easy, huh? 

Register here.


Look at that swing! Photo via Topgolf Birmingham

By now, I’m sure you’re wondering how much it costs to join a league at Topgolf Birmingham. So here’s the breakdown:

2 Person Team

Weekly: $35
Up front: $245 (Includes one week free!)
Free Agent/No Team: $122.50 (Full payment required during registration.)

4-6 Person Team

Weekly: – $70/week
Up front: – $490 (Includes one week free!)
Free Agent/No Team: $100 (Full payment required during registration.)

Win Exciting Prizes

What prizes will you and your team win? Photo via Topgolf Birmingham 

If there’s one thing to know about Topgolf Birmingham, it’s this: they love rewarding their fab clientele.

When you join one of their leagues, you can get some pretty cool prizes.

  • All players receive a Topgolf Birmingham tumbler.
  • League winners receive medals. 
  • The winning team earns free entry to the next league season. 

I suggest wearing those medals to the next league season to show your competitors who’s boss.

Learn the Game with Bays to Fairways

Improve your golf game with lessons from a Topgolf Coach. Photo via Topgolf Birmingham

Interested in golf, but worried you’re lacking the skills to compete against others? Don’t fret! Topgolf Birmingham is the perfect place to improve your skills. 

Check out Bays to Fairways—a six-class program designed for beginners and social golfers. 

During each one hour class, you’ll be paired with a professional Topgolf Birmingham Coach who will teach you everything you need to know about the game of golf, while helping you enhance your skills. With one-on-one help like this, you’ll be ready for the golf course in no time!

Price: $199 per person

Register online or at Topgolf Birmingham. 

Registration is Open

Time to golf. Photo via Topgolf Birmingham

Don’t forget! League registration is open now through October 4. To sign up, visit Topgolf Birmingham or click here

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