Register now for Samford Academy of the Arts’ fall classes, including wedding photography like the pros

Art Wedding, Photography and Piano classes at Samford Academy of Arts
Register now for a range of afternoon and evening classes at Samford Academy of the Arts (Photos via SAA)


Have you always wanted to learn how to paint? Or maybe learn to play the piano? How about mastering your camera’s manual functions, or understanding basic Italian before your trip? It’s never too late to learn! Samford Academy of the Arts offers a wide choice of afternoon and evening classes for the community.

Registration is now open for a variety of courses and workshops beginning in August. Learn a new hobby, develop skills and confidence, and make some new friends along the way.

Be sure you don’t miss out by signing up now! Register HERE.

Here’s just a sample of what you could be learning at Samford Academy of the Arts

Take wedding photography like the pros

Learn one of the most challenging photography fields of all; weddings. Find out what you need to do before, during and after the special day.

Instructor Mike Nelson explains,

“We teach the true artistry of wedding photography and editing. After the wedding is over, the dresses and suits are put away, and the flowers are gone, the photographs live on for generations. It’s worth doing right”.

There’s a long list of photography classes held at Samford Academy of the Arts to learn basic and advanced photography and editing techniques from professional photographers.

Lady taking a photo of a river
Landscape photography classes include field trips (Photos via SAA)

Nelson says the classes ‘attract a wide range of students across all ages which makes it more fun’.

Music across generations

Samford Academy of Arts offers a well-rounded musical experience for students of all ages.

It’s not too late to learn at the same time as your kids or grand kids! The Music classes emphasize performance, technique, theory, composition and appreciation in the disciplines of piano, violin, cello, voice and other instruments.

Private and group classes in piano are offered for students from the age of 4 up. Get the whole family involved.

Enhance your creative side

The Arts classes provide ‘opportunity to explore new interests and learn from a wide variety of artists in our community’.

Man painting picture of a boy at  Samford Academy of the Arts
Develop skills and confidence in relaxed classrooms (Photo via SAA)

They include an antiques course with veteran instructor Dan Brooks to classes in ceramics, acrylics, painting, art for teens (grades 6-8), art for children (grades 1-5) , stained glass, calligraphy, creative writing, and novel writing.

Teenagers throwing pots at Samford Academy of Arts
Teen art studio  (Photo via SAA)

Maybe we could write a novel using calligraphy?

Man and woman practice calligraphy at Samford Academy of the Arts
The visual art of writing (Photo via SAA)

Hello! Bonjour! Ciao! Hola!

Lady writing on chalkboard looking at students in class at Samford Academy of the Arts
Learn a new language (Photo via SAA)

Language courses provide a great opportunity to learn Spanish, French or Italian  at all levels. Why not gift them to somebody you know who plans on traveling soon. Be quick though so they can learn before they go!

The Academy also offers courses to train students in English as a second language.

Classes start soon – register now

Lady looking into camera that is on a tripod on a landscape photography workshop by Samford Academy of the Arts
Landscape photography workshop (Photo via SAA)

Samford Academy of the Arts is part of the Samford University School of the Arts and offers a variety of high quality arts and music programs to the community.

There are so many different classes, taught in relaxed settings with people who share the same common interest. They even arrange field trip workshops with some courses – though no trips to Europe yet!

Find out more and register now at

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