The Uber of property maintenance: How Birmingham startup Maestro is disrupting the industry through technology


Jason Clotfelter, Karen Osburn and Kyle McKinley of Maestro. Photo courtesy of Maestro Maintenance Management

You’ve probably seen the work of Birmingham real estate developer Orchestra Partners across town (The Essential, anyone?). But did you know they incubated a startup that’s changing the game for property management?  Read on to get the scoop.

The startup is Maestro Maintenance Management, and they’re leveraging technology to make property management more efficient.

On-demand property management

Maestro employee Dustin Kennedy repairing a ceiling for a client. Photo courtesy of Maestro Maintenance Management

Have you ever taken off work because a maintenance provider gave you a nebulous four-hour service window? We’ve all been there… Maestro works with homeowner associations, business owners and property managers to provide an on-demand maintenance service. Through this service–Maestro On Demand–a professional shows up at a specific time to get the job done.

Maestro On Demand is available at a flat rate. Maestro manages the project, and their professionals do everything from assembling furniture and washing windows to running data cable and installing paper towel dispensers. This service isn’t available to the individual homeowner, but if your HOA or office building decides to contract with them, you’re in luck!

One-stop shop

An updated office kitchen with new cabinets by Maestro. Photo courtesy of Maestro Maintenance Management

In addition to being an outsourced maintenance partner, Maestro also serves as a property manager for large Birmingham companies in real estate development, law, healthcare and beyond.

They’re a one-stop shop that will handle small maintenance requests as well as large electrical projects and construction remodels. According to Karen Osburn, business development at Maestro, “We’re the sister company of Orchestra Partners. We know what it takes to take care of properties and their tenants.”

The Uber of maintenance 

Maestro team members Steve Cottrell, Karen Osburn, and Andy Beckman. Photo courtesy of Maestro Maintenance Management

If you’re managing a property and in need of Maestro’s services, you can submit a work order through their online portal. You can also call or text them with a request, and they’ll handle it for you. This saves property owners and managers a lot of time from vetting various vendors. Maestro does this for them as part of a strict quality control process.

“We are not just a technology platform that connects consumers with fixers. We believe that the human element is paramount to everyone’s success and satisfaction with our service. To that end, we employ experienced account managers who oversee work orders from start to finish. They are experts in their field and ensure our clients and their tasks are handled appropriately from beginning to end.”

Karen Osburn, business development

The role of technology

“Technology plays a vital role in our organization. We have customized Salesforce to power our work order system and will integrate other technologies as we grow to ensure we can meet demand, continue to exceed our customer’s expectations and to run a tight and well-oiled operation.”

Leigh Anne Hall, account manager

Maestro also employs QR codes in the buildings where they work. If you have a Maestro flyer in your building, you can take a picture of the QR code and text it to them. This code provides the company with detailed information about where a problem is occurring so they can fix it.

Landscaping and Pressure Washing work by Maestro. Photo courtesy of Maestro Maintenance Management

Positioned for growth

Although it started within Orchestra Partners, the technology startup has been out on its own for a year. Now they’re looking at expanding to other markets in the Southeast, and eventually, nationwide.

“We hope to raise our first round of outside equity by the end of the year, along with having a presence in another city. We want to launch Maestro in the Southeast and then throughout the rest of the U.S. We see no limits to our dream.”

Jason Clotfelter, chief operating officer 

It’s exciting to see another startup growing in Birmingham. We’ll be cheering on Maestro, and we can’t wait to see what they do in the near future.

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