Here it is! A guide to the best beers for the summer brewed in Birmingham

Montage of all of the best picks for summer beers brewed in Birmingham, AL. 2019.
The breweries of Birmingham highlight their summer thirst quenchers (Photos by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now).

It’s not like we need an excuse to visit a brewery at Bham Now, y’all. We’ve put a list together of the best beers for the summer produced in Birmingham. Enjoy them at the brewery pubs or at home over grilling season.

Birmingham’s summer thirst quencher brews. In alphabetical order (by brewery)

‘Sour Pash’ @ Avondale Brewing Company

Sour Pash, a delicious passion fruit based sour beer. Made by Avondale Brewing Co. Birmingham, AL.
Sour Pash, available at Avondale Brewing (Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now)

Sour Pash is a year round refreshing, crisp and delicious Passion Fruit Sour Ale (4.3% ABV) that tastes like it was meant for the beach. It hits all the right summer flavors, delivering a tart, juicy flavor with a hint of raspberry.

Get it at: Avondale Brewing 201 41st St. South, Birmingham, AL 35222 . Mon-Wed (12-10pm), Thu (12-11pm), Fri-Sat (12pm-12am), Sun (1pm-10pm)

‘Bamamosa!’ @ Back Forty Beer Company Birmingham

Bamamosa! beer.  Made with orange juice for a perfect balance of citrus and an exceptionally dry finish. Available at Back Forty Brewing, Birmingham, AL.
Shift leader Betsarai, has the eye of the beer holder on Bamamosa! Available at Back Forty (Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now)

Tosh Brown, brewer at Back Forty describes Bamamosa! (7.0% ABV) as a ‘handmade Brut Ale, made with orange juice to create the perfect balance of citrus and an exceptionally dry finish. A refreshingly crisp beer that can be enjoyed in almost any setting. No champagne glass required’

Get it at: Back Forty Birmingham 3201 First Ave North, Birmingham, AL 35222. Mon (3-9pm), Tuesday (Closed), Wed (3-9pm), Thu (11-10pm), Fri-Sat (11am-11pm), Sun (11-9pm)

‘Salty Amigose’ @ Birmingham District Brewing Co.

Birmingham District Brewing, makers Cale Sellers and James Sumpter show off Salty Amigose. A lime, sea salt and coriander based beer. Made in Birmingham, AL.
Salty Amigose, available at Birmingham District Brewing Co. (Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now)

The makers of the Salty Amigose (4% ABV), Cale Sellers and James Sumpter, describe it as a ‘slightly tart and refreshing wheat ale with subtle hints of lime, sea salt and coriander!’ Bring your amigos and come thirsty!

Get it at: Birmingham District Brewing Co. 2201 2nd Avenue South, Birmingham, AL, 35233. Mon-Wed (12-10pm), Thu-Fri (12pm-12am), Sat (11-12am), Sun (12-8pm)

‘Kiwi Kolsch’ @ Cahaba Brewing Company

Kiwi Kolsh, a summer seasonal light beer made at Cahaba Brewing, Birmingham, AL.
Kiwi Kolsch, available at Cahaba Brewing (Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now)

Kiwi Kolsch (5.3%ABV) is a summer seasonal light beer ‘with tart kiwi juice added to make a perfectly sweet sip. This golden hued ale has delicate hints of coriander, subtle fruit notes, a clean hop profile, and light finish, making Kiwi Kolsch the perfect beer to refresh your palette on a hot summer day’.

Get it at: Cahaba Brewing Company, 4500 5th Ave South Building C, Birmingham, Alabama 35222. Mon-Tue (Closed), Wed-Thu (3-9pm), Fri (3-10pm), Sat (2-10pm), Sun (1-7pm)

‘JUCO Session IPA’ @ Good People Brewing Company

JUCO, short for Junior College. A session IPA made by Good People Brewing, Birmingham, AL.
JUCO, available at Good People Brewing Co (Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now)

JUCO, short for Junior College (4.2% ABV) is a session IPA high in flavor and hoppy in taste.  ‘JUCO isn’t worried about achieving a lower ABV than our flagship IPA. In fact that’s what a chill summer class is all about. This may be the best 6 beers of your life’.

Get it at: Good People Brewing Co. 114 14th St South, Birmingham, AL 35233. Mon-Wed (12-10pm), Thu-Sat (12am-12pm), Sun (12-8pm)

‘Gulf Coast IPA’ @ Ghost Train Brewing Co.

Gulf Coast IPA, a summer thirst quencher made by Ghost Train Brewing Co, Birmingham, AL.
Gulf Coast IPA, available at Ghost Train Brewing Co. (Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now)

Gulf Coast India Pale Ale (6% ABV) was recommended to us as summer thirst quencher during our whistle stop tour of the breweries. It’s a refreshing American IPA, beautifully described by Untappd as ‘celebrating the laid-back lifestyle, this easy drinking, hop-heavy Gulf Coast India Pale Ale is an homage to carefree times, enjoying life and chilling out’.

Get it at: Ghost Train Brewing Company, 2616 3rd Ave South, Birmingham, AL 35233. Mon-Wed (12-10pm), Thu-Sat (12am-12pm), Sun (12-8pm)

‘Clean Up on Heffe’ @ The Grocery Brewpub

Clean Up on Heffe, a crisp light summer ale made by The Grocery Brewpub in Homewood, Birmingham, AL.
Clean Up on Heffe, available at The Grocery Brewpub (Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now)

‘Clean Up’ on Heffe (6.5%) is a crisp light ale produced at Birmingham’s first ‘over the mountain’ brew pub. Tastes like it was made for a lazy summer afternoon session.

Get it at: The Grocery Brew Pub, 2823 Central Ave, Birmingham, AL 35209. Mon-Wed (3-10pm), Thu (11-10pm), Fri-Sat (11-12am), Sun (11-9pm)

‘Imperial Paradise Now’ @ TrimTab Brewing Company

Imperial Paradise Now, a triple fruited raspberry Berliner Weisse made by TrimTab Brewing in Birmingham, AL.
Imperial Paradise Now, available at Trimtab (Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now)

Imperial Paradise Now (7.5% ABV) is a triple fruited version of the Trim Tab Brewery Paradise Now. A Raspberry Berliner Weisse style which is refreshingly tart with a colorful and hue. Perfect at the brewery or at home in the garden.

Read more about TrimTab Brewing being named best craft brewery in Alabama by Thrillist.

TrimTab Brewing Company, 2721 5th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233. Mon-Thu (12-10pm), Fri-Sat (12am-12pm), Sun (12-8pm)

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