American Idol: Birmingham’s Walker Burroughs now in top 8

Walker Burroughs with celebrity host Ryan Seacrest  after his performance on American Idol Sunday, April 21.
Walker Burroughs with celebrity host Ryan Seacrest after his performance on American Idol Sunday, April 21. (Photo via ABC)

America has spoken, and Birmingham’s Walker Burroughs is now in the top 8 of this season’s American Idol race! Read on to find out about Burroughs Sunday night performance. Also, how to get your hands on #walker4idol t-shirts, attend watch parties and vote on this week’s show.

Walker Burroughs makes top 8 on American Idol

It’s been a whirlwind few months on American Idol for Vestavia Hills grad Walker Burroughs! This week was no different. He survived the latest round of cuts on Sunday, April 21, making him one of the eight contestants left on ABC’s American Idol.

Birmingham's Walker Burroughs will perform for the judges again Sunday, April 28.
Birmingham’s Walker Burroughs will perform for the judges again Sunday, April 28. (Photo via Burroughs Instagram)

On Sunday’s Disney themed episode, the remaining top 10 each sang a Disney tune. Burroughs sang “When She Loved Me” from “Toy Story 2” for judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. All three judges remained impressed with Alabama’s favorite Harry Potter lookalike with the voice of an angel.

Here’s his Top 10 Performance:

What the judges had to say:

Katy Perry: “That was so impressive. You really transported me into a different time and place. The audience got so quiet and really respectful of you telling that story. We tuned in to every single word, I didn’t even know I was at American Idol. I thought I was at a Walker show. “

Luke Bryan: “I hope America understands how difficult it is to do what you just did. You’re 20 years old, and it’s like something that a seasoned veteran does. You just did it right here in front of millions and millions of people.”

Lionel Richie: “We call you, Walker, in our business, a pro,” Lionel Richie said. “That is as close to a perfect performance that I can ever think of.”

If you just can’t get enough of Burroughs (can’t blame you!) ABC is airing a special about the remaining eight contestants Monday, April 22 at 7 PM.

What’s Next For Burroughs?

Next Sunday, April 28, he’ll be singing a tune from Queen (YAS!) and vie for one of the top 6 spots. He’ll need our help, Birmingham! Here’s how to vote for Burroughs on Sunday, April 28:

To vote, you can text, vote on the American Idol website, or download the American Idol app. You must vote during the show Sunday, April 28 since they’ll announce the top six at the end. You can vote up to 30 times, so keep voting!

walker4idol American Idol: Birmingham's Walker Burroughs now in top 8
Head to Blackwell’s on Sunday for the American Idol watch party benefiting the Burroughs family travel expenses.

Birmingham American Idol Watch Parties:

Watch parties will be held at Blackwell’s from 7-9 PM on Sundays while he is in the running. Blackwell’s will donate 50% of the proceeds to his family to help with transportation and housing in LA.

Walker Burroughs t-shirts, buttons and posters will be available for purchase during the watch parties. Friends and family will also be at Vestavia Hills Baptist on Wednesday, April 24 from 4:30 to 6 PM . Or, you can also contact Anne Siple for information on additional sale times & locations.

Who knows, these shirts might be collectors items one day when Burroughs hits it big!

When to Watch Walker Burroughs on American Idol Next:

  • What: Top 8
  • Channel: ABC
  • Day: Sunday, April 28
  • Time: 7 PM CST

You can follow Burroughs on his journey to the top on his Facebook page or Instagram.

Do you think he has what it takes to become Birmingham’s THIRD American Idol? We do! Sound off on social, and tag us in all your watch party photos @bhamnow!

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