6 Birmingham companies, including The Birmingham Candy Company, offering goodies and gifts to fill your Easter baskets

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Don’t wait on Peter Cotton Tail to fill those Easter baskets for you. Instead, load ’em up with goodies and gifts from these local companies in Birmingham.

Byndel Birmingham

Address: Online only at byndel.com

Have you heard of Byndel Birmingham? This April, they released their Happy Easter Byndel—their unique version of a children’s Easter basket. Inside, you’ll find a variety of fun gifts by local Birmingham makers, including:

  • Chocolate Suckers (Birmingham Candy)
  • Birmingham Memory Match (Cityfolk Creative)
  • Cookies and Cream Cotton Candy (Happy Carts)
  • Color the Ham coloring book (Down in the Ham)
  • Gift sticks (Steel City Pops)

The Birmingham Candy Company

Address: The Pizitz. 1821 2nd Ave N., Birmingham, AL 35203
Hours: 11AM-8PM

Southern. Handcrafted. Local. These are three things that make The Birmingham Candy Company such a success. Wowing locals with their tasty—and sweetly decorated—goodies daily, they also have some exciting Easter treats available. They are all nicely packaged, too, which makes them a great addition to any Easter basket.

Pre-orders for Easter items end Sunday, April 14. Orders can be picked up at The Pizitz on Friday and Saturday, April 19-20.

Psst! The Birmingham Candy Company just announced their grand opening at their new location—The Pizitz—will be Monday, April 15 from 11AM-8PM. Be there or be candyless! Now on to the the treats!

Chocolate Salted Peanut Butter Cups—$9 (4 pc. and 9 pc. assortments available)

Birmingham, The Birmingham Candy Company, candy, peanut butter cups, sea salt, Easter
Chocolate salted peanut butter cups. Photo via The Birmingham Candy Company

Peanut butter cups. Boy are they delicious! Sure, you could go to your average convenience store for some. But may I suggest something more worthwhile? Chocolate Salted Peanut Butter Cups. The Birmingham Candy Company definitely outdid themselves with this spin on the classic peanut butter cup.

With creamy, smooth peanut butter, a touch of sea salt and sprinkle of granulated peanuts, this is one treat every Easter basket should include.

Chocolate Covered Oreos—$14 for box of 8

One treat my family would love to see in their Easter baskets this year is Chocolate Covered Oreos from The Birmingham Candy Company. Using “milks favorite cookie”, Oreos are covered in sweet chocolate, then made festive with your choice of an extra chocolate drizzle or decorative holiday sprinkles. Oh so temping!

Birmingham, The Birmingham Candy Company, Oreos, chocolate, Easter
Chocolate Covered Oreos. Photo via The Birmingham Candy Company

Chocolate Bird’s Nests—$16 for 4

Sweet meets salty with these adorable Chocolate Bird’s Nests. You know, these may just be too darling to eat… Nah!

Each nest combines creamy milk chocolate with thin, crispy strips of potato chips and topped with edible shimmering Easter egg candies.

Birmingham, The Birmingham Candy Company, candy, Easter, birds nests, chocolate
Chocolate Bird’s Nest. Photo via The Birmingham Candy Company

Edgar’s Bakery

Address: The Shops of the Colonnade. 3407 Colonnade Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35243; Trussville. 158 Main St., Trussville, AL 35173; Patton Creek. 180 West Main St., Hoover, AL 35244
Hours: Mon.-Sat.—6:30AM-6PM

If you’re seeking some sweet treats and cute gift items to fill those Easter baskets this year, you’ll find an assortment of both at Edgar’s Bakery. Here are some of the seasonal goodies I saw during a recent visit to the Trussville location:

  • Chocolate bunnies
  • Decorative cakes and petit fores
  • Iced cookies
  • Easter-themed party supplies
  • Coffee mugs with fun and catchy sayings
Birmingham, Edgar's Bakery, Edgar's Bakery, Trussville, chocolate, Easter, Easter baskets, chocolate bunny
Edgar’s Bakery (Trussville). Photo by Patience Itson for Bham Now

Chocolatà Artisanal Chocolatier

Address: 1927 2nd Ave N., Birmingham, AL 35203
Hours: Wed.-Thurs.–10:30AM-5PM; Fri.–10:30AM-8PM; Sat.–11AM-3PM; Sun.–11AM-2PM

When it comes to Easter, what are the first three things that come to mind? Bunnies, eggs and chocolate, right? Chocolatà Artisanal Chocolatier in downtown Birmingham combines the three in a truly delicious way with these treats:

Chocolata Easter Egg—$24

Birmingham, Easter, Chocolatà Artisanal Chocolatier, chocolate, Easter egg
Chocolata Easter Egg. Photo via Chocolatà Artisanal Chocolatier

Just the Right Size Bunny—$12

Birmingham, Chocolata, Easter, chocolate, Chocolatà Artisanal Chocolatier
Just the Right Size Bunny. Photo via Chocolatà Artisanal Chocolatier

Cute as a Bunny: $20

Birmingham, Chocolata, chocolate, Easter, Chocolatà Artisanal Chocolatier
Photo via Chocolatà Artisanal Chocolatier

Unique Easter Treats

While we’re talking about sweet Easter treats, we have to mention some of Birmingham’s delicious donut shops. Donuts may not fit in your typical Easter basket, but they are still worth every bite. Here are two shops that have gone all out for the Easter season:

1. Hero Doughnuts

Address: 3027 Central Avenue, Homewood, AL 35209
Hours: Daily 7AM-5PM

To celebrate the Easter season, Hero Doughnuts is offering a new doughnut of the month—carrot cake. This cake-style doughnut features a vanilla bean glaze, is topped with cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with pecans and orange zest. This is one treat the Easter Bunny is guaranteed to stop for during his hop through Birmingham.

Price: 1/2 Dozen–$17; 1 Dozen–$29

Birmingham, Hero Doughnuts, Easter, carrot cake
Carrot cake doughnut. Photo via Hero Doughnuts

2. The Heavenly Donut Co.

Address: 4911 Cahaba River Rd., Birmingham, AL 35243
Hours: Thurs.—6AM-9PM; Fri.–6AM-Midnight, Sat.–7AM-Midnight; Sun.–7AM-2PM

The Heavenly Donut Co. has also hopped on the carrot cake donut trend this April. Considering carrot cake is my all-time favorite, the more the better in my opinion. It’s both pretty and delicious, too.

Birmingham, The Heavenly Donut Co, carrot cake, carrot cake donut, donuts, Easter
Carrot Cake Donut. Photo via The Heavenly Donut Co

If you’re craving something more festive, order a batch of their Easter Mixed Dozen. I know my daughter would grin from ear to ear at the sight of these fun donuts!

Price: $24.99 (Place your order by 6PM the day before you need it.)

Birmingham, The Heavenly Donut Co, Easter, donuts
Easter Mixed Dozen. Photo via The Heavenly Donut Co

What’s your favorite Easter goodie on the list? Let us know of others to indulge in around Birmingham!

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