Before I die I want to _____. Here are your responses to the new Birmingham mural on Morris Ave plus how you can help paint the next one

Leave your mark on the Morris Avenue mural! Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

A new mural popped up this week in Birmingham and quickly stole the hearts of everyone who saw it—ours included.

In bold block letters under a bridge at 21st and Morris Avenue, are the words: Before I die… The entire mural, created by Marcus Fetch from Redpath Creative, is painted with black chalk paint with the words, “Before I die I want to ______,” written in columns across it.

Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

In the few days since it appeared, almost all of the blanks have been filled, and the scribbled chalk responses warmed our hearts. We shared pictures and videos on our social media and even prompted you to share what you would write if you visited the mural. Here’s what you said:

“Learn more and love harder.”

  • @littlebear205: Appreciate life
  • @karlinthepool: Squeeze every last drop of joy with my family!!!!
  • @taylor.elizabeth1999: Make something of myself
  • @c.h.maharrey: Win Indy tickets!
Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now
  • @badandy327: See the world
  • @tracey4au: Fly in a hot air balloon
  • @smart3ones: Go to Greece
  • @ryleighelyse: Travel the world and meet the people behind Bham Now!

“Start my own brewery or brewpub.”

  • @official_ashton_mcmahen: See an Office reunion
  • @makemethat: Make sure my kids are functional & productive adults.
  • @trobinson35: Do more to follow and share the teachings of Christ
  • @medgar286: Get married
Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now
  • @blhc2u: Take hubby to Europe
  • @ljm71: Hang glide
  • @mrs_firelady: See my son grow up to be a great man
  • @mjflor3es: Get remarried and have a second chance in life.

“Dance like no one’s watching, with everyone watching.”

  • @lailahar.ris: Go to Europe!
  • @paige_n3ll: Enjoy my whole life!
  • Be at peace
  • @hanmarh: Learn to truly love
Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now
  • @wwdecastro: Have my own family & kids
  • @dalifdz: See all 7 wonders!
  • @natgbark: Know that I’ve lived well.
  • @clark_alysia: Travel to Rome
  • @maddieabowman: Graduate nursing school at UAB!

“Meet the people behind Bham Now!”

  • @jehilldigitalmarketing: Fall in love!
  • @dwaynek18: Make a major impact on others
  • @itssheba: Get married, have a family and live the best fun-filled life with them.
  • @ellis1003: Travel to Europe
Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now
  • @sum.bowman: Spread joy
  • @mcelsgammie: See my grandchildren grow up and get married
  • @sdrumset24: See the ancient Egyptian pyramids in person!
  • @lacyleek: Learn to play piano, speak two more languages, visit every continent, have a baby…& more



More on the Mural

Fetch, who painted the mural, was originally contacted by Jay Brandrupt, Owner of Kinetic Communications and longtime fan of the Before I Die project, to do the wall. A number of the businesses on Morris Avenue sponsored the mural, and Rob Buddo at Rev Bham helped land the wall they would use.

At first, the project was a simple community engagement project that Fetch respected and was more than willing to do. Two days in, it would take on a whole new meaning.

When I started painting last week though I received a call on the second day and found out one of my good friends died. I was crushed by this news and I thought it such a bizarre thing that as I’m working on this wall that represents our mortality this thing happens.

Marcus Fetch, Redpath Creative

Candy Chang, the artist who started the Before I Die project years ago in Nola, was inspired to do so because of her close friend’s passing.

The project immediately became very important to me, and I decided to honor my late friend, Juby Mago, with the mural by placing a small chalk memorial in the middle of the wall.

There’s no decision yet on how long the mural will be up, but they do plan on resetting it after it fills up so everyone has a chance to leave their response.

How to Get Involved:

This isn’t the first, nor will it be the last mural Marcus Fetch and the team at Redpath Creative bring to the Magic City. They are already planning their next project: A rainbow wall downtown, inspired by the three rainbow light tunnels on 18th, 19th and 20th street.

I have always loved community mural projects where other people get the chance to paint. The Color Wall event we did last summer was very special to me and I’ve wanted to keep these projects going.

The wall they are hoping to snag for the project starts off the 20th street tunnel and continues for about 500 (!!!) feet down the train tracks, so they’ll need a few extra hands. If you want to help, keep an eye on the Color Bham Facebook group for updates coming in the next few weeks!

Plan on leaving your mark on the mural? Make sure to tag us on social @BhamNow!

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