25 ft. chocolate Vulcan replica erected in Birmingham overnight

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The chocolate Vulcan was discovered in the early morning hours of Monday, April 1 by a group of runners. (Photo submitted)

Officials are searching for the team of vandals responsible for erecting a 25 ft. high chocolate replica of Vulcan on park grounds overnight. Who would do such a thing to Birmingham’s iconic monument and world’s largest cast iron statue? And why?

Why a Chocolate Vulcan?

Officials have many questions after the April 1 discovery. It is unknown who is behind the chocolate statue estimated to weigh approximately 15 tons.

“Our biggest question is this: who has a chocolate mold that big? In order to make a creation of this size, you’d need an entire team of professional chocolatiers. Not to mention the money and logistical knowledge to pull this off,” said Sheila Kitsap, Birmingham County Police.

Fondue Party Planned to Eliminate Chocolate Vulcan Waste

Vulcan staff and area officials are quickly making plans for city-wide fondue party in order to rid the beautiful park of the hollow milk chocolate creation.

“We’ve got to eat all this chocolate before warmer weather hits and melts the chocolate Vulcan,” said Vulcan expert Phillip McAnderson. “Otherwise, we’ll have a real mess on our hands.”

The statue, estimated to weigh 15 tons, contains approximately 87 million calories total.

“What a waste of chocolate. Now that it is out in open air, it must be consumed or thrown away. We’ve got to come together as a city to eat this chocolate as soon as possible,” said Jefferson city nutritionist Kasey Tillerey.

The Birmingham County Police do plan to take action once the choco-vandals are located, citing a slew of permit and health code violations.

The punishment for such an act? Life behind chocolate bars.


In the mood for some chocolate? Be sure to visit our friends over at Honeycreeper Chocolate or at the Birmingham Candy Company in The Pizitz Food Hall when they open later this month. Also, be sure to visit the Vulcan Park & Museum to enjoy some of the best (chocolate Vulcan free) views of our great city!

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