Did you know? The former HealthSouth is now Encompass Health. Check out their beautiful new campus and current job opportunities!

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The new office space provides plenty of meeting areas for both large and small scale collaborating. (Photo via Encompass Health)
The new office space at Encompass Health has over 60 meeting rooms, both large and small, to provide a collaborative environment for employees.

Did you know? Encompass Health, formerly HealthSouth, not only has a new name, but it also has a new home office right here in Birmingham. Check out the new space, and while you’re at it, view new job openings at the nation’s leading provider in integrated healthcare services.

You might have noticed the new name in healthcare recently. However, Encompass Health is not new to the Magic City or the industry. Last year, the company transformed itself to better reflect its evolving business model and national footprint. Now that the rebrand is complete, it is time to let our audience in on a little secret: this revamped Birmingham-based company is pretty awesome!

The view from Encompass Health's new seven-story building in Birmingham. (Encompass Health)
The view from Encompass Health’s new seven story building in Birmingham.

Get to Know Encompass Health. (Chances are you already do!)

Encompass Health, comprised of 130 inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and 278 home health and hospice agencies, does business in 36 states and Puerto Rico. The company has been headquartered here in Birmingham since 1982.

Encompass Health also has two hospitals in the Birmingham area—Encompass Health Lakeshore Rehabilitation Hospital and Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Shelby County.

New Encompass Health logo.
New Encompass Health logo.

What’s in a name?

The Birmingham-based health care provider HealthSouth began the process of rebranding a little over two years ago. Although headquartered in Birmingham, the company’s national footprint was rapidly expanding. No longer served by their previous name, leadership decided to rebrand.

The company chose the Encompass Health moniker because it “encompassed,” if you will, both business segments. It also represented the company’s mission to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, integrated care.

Encompass Health Corporation (NYSE:EHC) visits the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to highlight their rebrand and name change from HealthSouth. To mark the occasion President & CEO, Mark Tarr, rings The Closing Bell®. (Encompass Health)
Encompass Health Corporation visits the New York Stock Exchange to highlight their rebrand and name change from HealthSouth. To mark the occasion President & CEO, Mark Tarr, rang the closing bell.

“We believe the name Encompass Health reflects our commitment to setting new standards for delivering better care across the post-acute continuum. As we move forward under a new name, we will continue to build on our strong foundation as an integrated provider of inpatient and home-based care.”

Encompass Health President and CEO Mark Tarr

Employees hand in building the new brand

To ensure the guiding principles truly reflected the culture of the company and its commitment to serving patients, Encompass Health looked to the company’s foundation—its people—to create the values. The company sent out postcards to 200 Encompass Health locations. More than 11,100 employees participated in the conversation as to what should drive the Encompass Health brand!

Encompass Health entryway at the Liberty Park headquarters in Birmingham. (Encompass)
The entryway at the Liberty Park headquarters in Birmingham.

“Our values truly reflect our new brand and name,” Tarr said. “More importantly, they highlight what goes on in our hospitals and home health and hospice locations daily because they were in fact created for employees, by employees.”

Encompass Health President and CEO Mark Tarr

State-of-the-art Encompass Health campus

Step aside, Google and Amazon! The new seven-story building resides on a 22-acre campus in Liberty Park. From the start, the company wanted to design a campus with employees in mind. To get the perfect working environment, building designers then turned to employees to help co-create an office environment they could enjoy.

The Encompass Health building features a cafeteria serving up breakfast and lunch daily.

Through a series of questionnaires, Encompass Health employees were clear about what they wanted:

  • Natural light
  • Collaborative workspaces
  • Emphasis on health and wellness in the office

Encompass Health’s New Building

The company delivered with the new building with floor to ceiling windows and open, collaborative workspaces. Even the cubicle spaces don’t ‘feel’ like traditional cubicles. The walls are low and translucent, providing a free-flowing atmosphere. The break areas offer a modern and sleek place to talk about projects or catch up with co-workers.

The cafeteria at Encompass Health can also be utilized as a meeting space. (Photo courtesy of Encompass Health)
The cafeteria at Encompass Health can also be utilized as a meeting space.

Employees moved into the new building in Liberty Park in April 2018. Since then, they’ve enjoyed the many amenities built into the new campus. The outdoor walking trail, indoor gym facility and new cafeteria are all perks that come with the new campus.

What it’s really like inside

We stopped by to check out the new headquarters last week. The space could rival a small scale Google campus! (Although they don’t make their interns wear funny hats—perhaps that’s why they’ve got students flooding in from around the country to participate in their intern program! More on that soon.)

The Liberty Park campus has an on-site gym with a full schedule of classes for employees.

Interested in employment opportunities? Or maybe just looking for ‘a friend’? Either way, we’ve pulled together these top jobs at Encompass Health for you. Please note these jobs might be at properties other than the Liberty Park home office mentioned above. However, they are all in the Birmingham area.

Here are five jobs currently available at Encompass Health:

  • Registered Nurse
  • State Regulatory Compliance Analyst
  • Legal Secretary
  • Senior Security Administrator
  • Clinical Marketing Liaison

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