Tre Luna Bar and Kitchen is coming to Hoover this spring

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The Luna is the next big date spot in Hoover. Photo via Erin Mooney

The owners of Tre Luna Catering will open Tre Luna Bar and Kitchen in Hoover this spring on Brock’s Gap Parkway.

“My husband’s dream was always to open a restaurant,” said co-owner Erin Mooney of her husband, Brian Mooney. “We started planning this three years ago. That’s how long it took to make this happen.”

The Luna Bar and Kitchen will open its doors in Hoover as early as mid-April. Photo via Erin Mooney

Chances are you’re familiar with Brian and Erin Mooney’s first business, Tre Luna Catering. Located downtown close to TrimTab, they cater weddings, corporate events and most anything happening in the Alys Stephens Center.

Choosing Hoover for this project was an easy decision for this couple. They live in Hoover with their three children, and have felt a strong connection to this community for years.

Tre Luna plans to have a menu that’s a little different than its downtown companion, and a perfect date spot for the folks of Hoover . This restaurant will feature Italian cuisine, such as many types of pizza, homemade pasta dishes and an impressive wine list. The menu will also cater to those looking for healthier options. The restaurant will have a “raw” bar and multiple grilled entrees.

With a pizza oven this pretty, we can’t wait to see how the pizzas look. Photo via Erin Mooney

What’s in a Name?

The ‘Luna’ in Tre Luna Bar and Kitchen is a family name, of sorts. Tre Luna means ‘three moons’ in Italian, and fits perfectly with the couple’s last name, Mooney. With Erin’s Italian background, that portion of the name was a no-brainer. The Mooney’s three children are the inspiration for the three moons.

The restaurant’s address will be 1221 Brocks Gap Parkway, Suite 145, and will be about 4000 square-feet in size.

Hoover residents-how excited are you to try this new date spot when it opens this spring?

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