Seeking balance in life? Find out how at TEDxBirmingham May 3-4

TEDxBirmingham speaker
Fourteen speakers will take the stage at the two-day 2019 event. (Photo submitted)

TEDxBirmingham announced dates and speakers for their 2019 event, expanding to a two-day event this year with 14 speakers. Taking place at the UAB’s Alys Stephens Center May 3-4, event speakers will focus on topics pertaining to finding balance in life. (and who doesn’t need more of that?!)

“Difficult to achieve, even harder to maintain. Life is a series of the choices we make on our journey to achieve a state of fulfillment. Tension, pressure, force are necessary for – and challenging to – the delicate balancing act of life. In the midst of our emotions, expectations, reality, and our own will, we strive for that fine line between the thirst for change and finding true contentment.”

tedtalkbirminghamheadshots Seeking balance in life? Find out how at TEDxBirmingham May 3-4
TEDxBirmingham 2019 speaker lineup. (Photo submitted)

Here’s the 2019 TEDxBirmingham speaker lineup:

Beau Beard, Health Conservationist

Michelle Bearman-Wolnek, Adoption Advocate

JohnMark Edwards, Urban Educator

Gilberto Herrera, Community Entrepreneur

Jaqui Jones, Marketing Strategy Architect

Mary Michael Kelley, Nonprofit Founder & Directo

Stefan Kertesz, Addiction Scholar

Brett Levine, Cultural Curator

Brandi Lewis, Blood Disorder Awareness Educator

Kristine Lokken, Neurophyschologist

Drew Ann Long, Mompreneur

Matt Might, [Precision] Medicine Man

Niya Pickett-Miller, Communication Professor

Scott Pierce, Serial Improviser

Seeking balance in life? Find out how at TEDxBirmingham May 3-4
TEDxBirmingham 2018 crowd. (Photo via TEDxBirmingham Facebook page)

Details for TEDxBirmingham 2019

Friday, May 3, 6:30 to 8 PM

Cocktail reception, one session of TEDx speakers, followed by an optional dinner group outing.

Saturday, May 4, 1:30 to 6 PM

Two sessions of TEDx speakers, interactive session and after-party.

Tickets to TEDxBirmingham 2019

One day ($50) and two day ($125) tickets are available and can be purchased on a first come, first served basis. Prices include Admission for the selected day(s), all food and beverages and the TEDxBirmingham t-shirt and gift bag.

Two day tickets are non-transferrable. Get tickets at the TedxBirmingham eventbrite website.

About TEDxBirmingham 2019

TEDxBirmingham is an independent, volunteer effort operated under license from TED. Through various initiatives – including a daylong main event, smaller salon events, and more – TEDxBirmingham strives to foster the diffusion of ideas in order to spark conversations and innovations that lead to a better Birmingham.

At a TEDxBirmingham event, speakers from a variety of backgrounds – none of whom are paid – share a bold, new idea through a short talk of 18 minutes or less. The events also feature artistic performances and hands-on, interactive experiences. The participants at a TEDxBirmingham event represent a cross-disciplinary mix of people, ranging from civic and business leaders to educators, technologists, artists, and more.

TEDxBirmingham – like all TEDx events – is not organized for political reasons, monetary reward, or personal gain. Everyone associated with TEDxBirmingham does so because they believe in the power of ideas to change the world.”

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