Top 4 deals happening now at Topgolf in Birmingham


Top 4 deals happening now at Topgolf in Birmingham
Celebrate amazing deals and a hole in one at Topgolf. Photo via Topgolf

Are you looking to perfect that golf swing? Or simply looking for something fun to do in Birmingham with friends and family? Now you can do both and save big when you visit Topgolf in Birmingham.

The Topgolf Experience

Topgolf Birmingham, which opened in 2017, is one of the hottest entertainment spots in the Magic City. What could be more entertaining than hitting some golf balls and feasting on delicious eats with friends, family and even co-workers? Especially at Topgolf, where the spectacular downtown vistas rule the leaderboard.

But what makes the Topgolf experience even better is its amazing deals. Check out the top three deals happening now at Topgolf in Birmingham.

1. Half-Price Tuesdays

Tuesday. It’s really the most blah day of the week, isn’t it? Not anymore. For a limited time, Topgolf in Birmingham is showing Tuesdays some serious love with half-price game play. Yes, half price!

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Half-price Tuesdays are happening now at Topgolf. Photo via Topgolf

No reservation or discount code needed. Simply walk in, play and save.

Pay per bay. Click here for pricing.

While Topgolf doesn’t use traditional golf scores, it would be a bogey, multiple times over, if you miss this deal. So go ahead and show some love for your new favorite day of the week!

2. Unlimited Game Play

Top of the morning to you, because that’s when you can hit an unlimited number of golf balls at Topgolf during their Unlimited Game Play deal. Every Monday through Friday from 9AM to 12PM, Topgolf Birmingham is offering three straight hours of play.

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Topgolf is fun for all ages. Photo via Topgolf

The best part—it’s just $15 per person. So grab your crew and get ready to hit some balls and have a whole lot of fun. What a great idea for an out-of-the-box morning meeting, creative planning session or team building exercise (hint, hint, boss people).

Psst! Breakfast and lunch menus are available during these times, so enjoy Topgolf’s killer eats while you play.

3. College Night

Hey, college students! Are you looking for a mid-week break? Then you’re gonna love this! Every Wednesday from 7-11PM, Topgolf is carving out some special space just for you. For a $15 cover, you’ll have access to unlimited game play and discounted food and drinks. Score!

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Are you ready for college night? Photo via Topgolf

Admit it. After all those ramen noodles you’ve been slurping since the semester started, you are doing probably dying for something good to eat.

This deal is for students 18+. Be sure to bring your student ID; they’ll be checking.

4. Topgolf Coach and Game Play Packages

Whether you’re looking to polish your skills or just want to learn some basics about the sport of golf, Topgolf is offering a special in-venue offer so you can do just that. With their many packages, you can become a golf pro with lessons from actual Topgolf coaches and more. How cool is that!

Click here to learn about Topgolf’s Coach and Game Play packages available now.

Ready. Set. Swing.

Are you ready to take advantage of these huge deals? Then visit Topgolf at 1111 24th St. N., Birmingham, AL 35234. With these savings, you’ll feel like you made a hole in one.

Worried about parking? Don’t be. Topgolf’s private parking lot is open and waiting for you.

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