Chicago-style pizza spot Rosati’s is coming soon to Birmingham

rosatis1 Chicago-style pizza spot Rosati's is coming soon to Birmingham
Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight? Photo by Rosati’s Facebook

Birmingham has no shortage of pizza options, this we know. But if you have ever tried to find authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza, you know the list is very, very short. In fact, Tortugas Homemade Pizza in Hoover and Birmingham is the only place we know that serves this unique treat. Until now, of course. In late March/early April, Rosati’s Pizza is set to open in the Lee Branch Shopping Center, and will be the answer to all your pizza prayers.

“Keeping It Real Since 1964”

Saverio “Sam” Rosati opened his first Italian restaurant in 1927, coming from a long line of superior chefs and restauranteurs. When Rosati retired many years later, it was time for his sons to take on the family business, and the very first Rosati’s Pizza opened in a Chicago suburb in 1964.

This spot boasts an authentic family recipe for their pies, in-house dough that becomes four different types of pizza crust (though we’ve heard we HAVE to try their famous deep dish) and toppings galore.

rosatos3 Chicago-style pizza spot Rosati's is coming soon to Birmingham
Just staring at this photo wondering how long it would take me to eat every piece of this garlic bread. Hint: NOT long. Photo via Rosati’s Facebook page

In addition to their signature deep dish pizza, the menu includes sandwiches, salads, pasta and desserts. The most intriguing menu items, in my opinion? The Heavyweight (just imagine double everything on a single pizza), the Hawaiian Luau (because some of us DO believe pineapple belongs on pizza) and—my personal favorite—an order of fried chicken. This location will also serve wine and beer.

Rosati’s has over 200 locations all around the country, mainly in the north and midwest. The closest location to Birmingham currently is Atlanta, Georgia.

rosatis5 Chicago-style pizza spot Rosati's is coming soon to Birmingham
The Hwy 280 Rosati’s will be its first location in Alabama. Photo via Rosati’s Facebook

Rosati’s address will be 210 Doug Baker Blvd Suite 100 Hoover, Alabama 35242, near Chicken Salad Chick and Mama Goldberg’s. Hours will likely be Tuesday-Thursday 11AM-10PM, and 11AM-11PM on weekends.

We LOVE to see cuisine unique to different areas of the country make their way to the Magic City. Are you excited to try Rosati’s?

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