Southpaw Entertainment sets sights on filming “Inheritance” in Birmingham

inheritance6 Southpaw Entertainment sets sights on filming "Inheritance" in Birmingham
Pretty soon we’ll be enjoying popcorn and watching the Magic City star in the major motion picture “Inheritance.” Photo via Sidewalk Film Festival

Could Birmingham become the next Hollywood? Nothing is impossible. Yet another production team plans to film a movie in downtown Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Southpaw Entertainment will shoot the movie “Inheritance” here in Birmingham. Tentative shooting dates begin February 18 and end March 29.

inheritance7 Southpaw Entertainment sets sights on filming "Inheritance" in Birmingham
We wonder where in Birmingham “Inheritance” will take us. Might we suggest Oak Hill Cemetery? Photo by Terri Robertson for Bham Now

Written by Matthew Kennedy and directed by Vaughn Stein, the independent film titled “Inheritance” paints a picture of what happens when the father of a rich and powerful family suddenly passes away, and leaves one shocking secret behind that could destroy his family’s lives.

kate mara simon pegg Southpaw Entertainment sets sights on filming "Inheritance" in Birmingham
Kate Mara and Simon Pegg star in this thriller. We can’t wait to see it! Photo via IMDb

Accomplished movie and television stars Kate Mara, Simon Pegg, Connie Nielsen and Chace Crawford play the lead roles in this thriller. Mara is most widely known for her work in “House of Cards,” and Pegg for “Mission: Impossible—Fallout” and Stephen Speilberg’s “Ready Player One.” Nielsen played Queen Hippolyta in the widely popular “Wonder Woman” movie franchise, and Crawford’s most iconic role is Nate Archibald in the “Gossip Girl” series.

The group Film Birmingham posted that the production crew is hiring! Many crew positions are currently open for local talent to fill.

Bham Now reported on the most popular movies filmed in Birmingham last July. You remember photos of John Travolta galavanting the streets of downtown Birmingham all over your newsfeed, right? Film projects including “Moose,” “Union,” “Bigger” and “Trading Paints” have all filmed in the area within the last two years.

Another movie being filmed in Birmingham! Why do you think the Magic City has been the scene for so many films lately?

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