Discover the top 10 Birmingham Instagram hashtags and how to get the perfect shot

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Get the perfect Instagram shot for the Birmingham hashtags. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

Instagram has become more than just another social media site. It can be used to find a new bar, to learn about companies, to find a great place to travel and more. That is, if you know how to use it the right way.In addition, Instagram is a great platform for you to share all your great photos of the restaurants you love, your favorite city views and more.

We’ll take you through 10 popular Birmingham-centric hashtags and share some tips on how to get the perfect shot for the ‘gram.

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1. #bham

Number of posts: 429K

What you’ll find: The #bham tag is pretty varied because of how general the tag is. On #bham, you’ll find everything from cool views to selfies to food and more.

Our tips for a great shot: Our tip is to keep it Birmingham-centric. When people are searching for #bham, they want to be wowed with our amazing city. Food is good for this, but try getting a shot of the iconic Rotary Trail or another spot that just screams “Bham!”

2. #instagrambham

Number of posts: 395K

What you’ll find: #InstagramBham is a great tag to follow. You can find anything Birmingham related on this tag, from food to weddings to dogs.

Our tips for a great shot: A lot of the shots on this tag are cool photos of place in Birmingham that makes you say, “That’s in Birmingham?!” It’s a great tag to use if you have a cool view of downtown or love getting lost in the Birmingham parks. Share your cool Birmingham locations with this tag!

3. #birminghamalabama

Number of posts: 153K

What you’ll find: There is a wide variety of photos on the #birminghamalabama tag page. Local businesses, great shots of downtown, portraits and more fill this page.

Our tips for a great shot: Include Birmingham! Making your picture reflect the spirit of Birmingham is important on this tag.

4. #dogsofbham

Number of posts: 78K

What you’ll find: #DogsofBham pretty much says it all. Here, you’ll find pictures of cute puppies and big dogs from all over town.

Our tips for a great shot: Let’s be honest — it’s hard to take a bad picture of a pup. Share your dog’s personality in your pictures!

5. #bhamal

Number of posts: 40.3K

What you’ll find: We’ve noticed that a lot of the pictures on the #bhamal tag are business-focused or promotional. This will be a good tag to use if you are trying to promote your business to other Birmingham residents.

Our tips for a great shot: Try to share the personality of your business and really show yourself as a Birmingham resident. Pictures downtown or in cool locations in the city can be great for your brand!

6. #bhameats

Number of posts: 25.9K

What you’ll find: Ah yes, the food tag. This is a great tag to follow, especially with Birmingham’s awesome food scene that is only getting better! Use this tag to share your great food shots, or explore it to find new restaurants.

Our tips for a great shot: 1 tip we’d like to share when it comes to food pics is that it’s important to share the environment of the restaurant, too! Experiment with different angles, too. Shooting from the top is great, but that fried chicken sandwich shot really grabs your attention, doesn’t it? Don’t be afraid to play with your food in the name of ‘gram!

7. #bhamnow

Number of posts: 19K

What you’ll find: We encourage all Instagram users to tag us, #bhamnow, in their great shots of Birmingham! We love to check this tag out to see what everyone is up to.

Our tips for a great shot: Keep it fun and positive! We love to look at what you guys tag #bhamnow in, and we like to share your great captures, so make sure to keep tagging us in your fun, happy Birmingham pics!

8. #magiccitykitties

Number of posts: 5.4K

What you’ll find: Yes, there is in fact an Instagram tag just for Birmingham cats. On #magiccitykitties, you’ll see a great selection of cute kitty shots!

Our tips for a great shot: Mix it up with your fun kitty pics. Take close-ups or show off your kitty while he’s sunbathing in the window. Videos are great, too!

9. #bhamdoodles

Number of posts: 3.7K

What you’ll find: If you thought the #magiccitykitties was specific, check out #bhamdoodles. This tag is all about the doodles of Bham — labradoodles and goldendoodles and any other doodle out there is welcome.

Our tips for a great shot: Let’s be honest, pups tend to sell themselves. Out of the box photos are always fun, though. Show us all the socks your doodle has collected and hid in his bed, or take a video of your doodle pup seeing herself in the mirror for the first time.

10. #bhamskyline

Number of posts: 1.5K

What you’ll find: On #bhamskyline, you’ll see cool pics of Birmingham’s various skyline angles

Our tips for a great shot: Our tip is to try out different angles and different times of day. Sunset and sunrise are great for showing off the city, but as these photos prove, Bham is gorgeous at night as well! Show off those city lights! Another tip: change your angle. If you can, try to get high up above the city and shoot from there, or get down low and shoot up at the buildings. Trying something new can help your photo stand out.

What are your best tips for a great #Bham photo? Let me know!

Remember: we’re always looking for great posts to share on our page, @bhamnow! Hashtag your photos with #bhamnow to get featured on our page! 

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